What to wear with blue?

Usually blue color, appearing in the wardrobe tends to be basic (you may recall, for example, school uniform or a business suit and then for this color, we select items of clothing and accessories of another color. Blue is often a jacket and outerwear, or .

Anyway, to blue to fit the following colors:

blue, white, yellow, green, red, orange, pink, and black.

Whether the blue color is dominant or auxiliary, depends on his role in the locker room.

Let us look at some important nuances:

What are the color blue? How to combine blue clothes with other colors?

Blue is typically used as the main color clothes, because it belongs to the so-called base colors. However, there are some important rules.

One of them: to the blue pants need to pick up the blouse so that her figure was a blue tint.

If you wear a blue skirt with a gray blouse, then look for a zone of a third color, which would serve as a transitional link of the ensemble and gave completeness.

Camisole in blue, white or red stripes can be a good transitional link between the blue pants and red jacket, this is a very good combination of basic bright colors and white as a complement.

Other ways to use blue color to a different base you can see in the photo.

Decorative blue elements are used for connection of upper and lower body.

Only two colors are included in various parts of the wardrobe (coat and dress). Being similar in content, they do not contradict each other, if you are using a fabric like texture.

An excellent example of the application of the base color in the decorative elements: blue and white striped waistband and bow, white and blue pattern.

Blue color as additional

In some situations, blue may be a bright accent that accentuates the muted tones.

In some cases, it can be used as part of the print (e.g., strips).

Remember the rule: you must choose a primary color, and it, in turn, three-four extra: it is a universal principle for all basic colors.

In the photo gallery you can see what is wear blue:

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