What to wear with blue dress

Blue dress is an exciting and rigorous, feminine, romantic and discreet at the same time. It gives the image a touch of refined elegance and mystery, almost every figure and will equally look great on young girls and middle-aged ladies. And when you consider that the blue color is by nature a rather quiet and unpretentious and perfectly combined with clothes of other colors and styles, the result is at all attractive, and as for famous designers and ordinary consumers.

Is it any wonder that things are different shades of blue, including dresses, took a strong position in the fashion Olympus and leave it, apparently, not collected. Quite the contrary, every season offers us new original models and ideas for layering.

However, to ensure that your blue dress looked really impressive and stressed alone advantages, should be particularly attentive to the choice not only of style, but also the right shade cloth that is right to your type of appearance, age and circumstances. Fortunately, thanks to a rich palette of blue to make it not so difficult.


Delicate blondes should pay attention to the clear, light shades of blue close to blue and turquoise.

Brunettes are more suitable bright open colors, like electric blue or Indigo.

Electrician recommended for fair-skinned brunettes, although charming it will be, and the redheaded girl, and even blondes.. Indigo is more inclined to dark skin. By the way, it will look good blonde with a beautiful tan.

Ginger hair color also wonderful blend of blue-green shades and brown should look to the shades of blue with a slope in purple.

Special care requires the classic Navy shade of blue. Although it is suitable to owners of different types of appearance, at the same time can give the face a tired and even unhealthy shade. Therefore, it is recommended to dilute lighter additions.

You should also be aware that the dark blue color gives the appearance of solidity and makes you seem more Mature and respectable. For this reason, it is best left to business, office and evening wear.

But bright shades of blue are ideal for less formal occasions. They are made to be worn while walking around the city, and in a nightclub, and daily celebrations. Although evening dresses Indigo or electrician look amazing.

And now from the General issues go to the core – what to wear with blue dressto look as the most diverse, spectacular and stylish.

First, consider the strict and sophisticated sheath dress — thanks to its simple style it is most versatile and can be the basis of sets in different styles. With a jacket or blazer in muted colors, classic pumps and modest jewelry wear it to the office; with a knit cardigan and comfortable shoes to meet friends or for a shopping trip; for night will complete our sheath dress is elegant brooch, luxury belt with rhinestones or pearl beads in several rows and dainty little bag .

Dress in New Look style will turn into the outfit of retro style, combining it with a bright belt, clutch, patent leather shoes and fishnet tights. Will complete the image of updo and makeup with arrows.

Short or medium-length bright blue dress, in Alliance with the silver accessories will become the best option for a youth party or a night club.

What to wear with blue dress

Long summer dress of airy fabric is not as demanding to supplements. It will go well with the classic blazer and Bolero jacket and knit cardigan, and short leather jacket. It is possible to wear and large enough decorations of wood, plastic, natural stones.

Evening dress will decorate a fur Cape or tippet, and fine diamond jewelry or imitation. In an extreme case, fit and decorate with rhinestones.

Continuing the theme of what to wear with blue dress consider good color combinations.

And we will begin, perhaps, with a surprisingly deep, luxurious and impressive combination of multiple shades of blue in one outfit. The variety of colors in this case is very welcome as otherwise the whole look can get boring.

As an option wear a lighter blue-purple dress with coat is a deep, dark blue and black accessories.

Or bright blue print dress and bright blue accessories, shining with colors of precious stones. In this case, the necessary diversity along ensure the presence of print.

No less impressive is the combination of blue with black. It would be appropriate in a business setting, and in the evening.

Does not lose its relevance, and time-tested Union dark blue and white is so popular now a «sea» theme. Although the white color looks great with other shades of blue, for added lightness, elegance and unique charm.

Pastel colors – beige, milky, light pink will give a blue dress a special softness and sophistication, will fill it with tenderness and romance. These colors can be dressed as a item of clothing of a jacket, cardigan or trench coat, and shoes and accessories.

Calm gray color helps to emphasize the quiet dignity of the blue dress. To such a moderate combination does not seem too boring, you can give it a cheerful touch, adding a bright accent – a wonderful red purse, for example.

What to wear with blue dress

Great combined blue and related colors – mint, blue, turquoise, celadon, creating exciting, fresh and very harmonious combination.

Accessories brown bag, belt, sandals will add a casual elegance dress of blue denim and will make its possessor a little like the heroine of westerns and conquering the Wild West. I think this bold look will appreciate above all the young and daring.

At the same time, a combination of classic Navy blue dresses and sleek brown coat will look incredibly feminine and delicate.

In addition, the blue color forms extremely striking and beautiful combination with other bright or saturated colors in red, cherry or bright green. And in each case the character and mood of the resulting set will be completely different.

Red ballet flats, belt and bag will help create a playful youth look with a touch of Sass and mischief.

What to wear with blue dress

Delightful patent leather shoes with a red sole a La Christian Louboutin, shimmering in the evening light, a small clutch, a necklace of red and bold make-up style vamp will transform the elegant dark blue dress in an incredibly catchy, attractive and seductive outfit.

What to wear with blue dress

And jacket rich cherry color will give the same blue dress, femininity, and quiet elegance.

What to wear with blue dress

About the same story and with green color it is a combination of imposed on us by nature. Its bright colors will fill blue dress with energy and cheerfulness.

And muted, on the contrary, for added peace of mind and tranquility.

What to wear with blue dress

Will not leave anyone indifferent and impressive striking Duo blue dresses with yellow or orange. And it does not matter whether be present a yellow color in the suit through the whole thing, or only as accessories – scarf, shoes or handbag in any case, this expressive contrast will fill the soul with joy and positivity to you and others.

What to wear with blue dress

But orange is better to leave as supplements. Is enough handbag and belt of this bright color.

Seem a little unexpected combination of bright blue and fuchsia. Sounds strange, but look at the photo option is quite interesting:

Oh, and finally — about «expensive», sophisticated and glamorous combination of blue dresses with gold and silver accessories. This combination would be appropriate for a night club, an evening out or special event.

I would like to remind that you should not limit your choice just simply a two-tone combination on the basis of the blue it is possible to make and a good three color combination. For example blue, white, black, red, blue, white, red, blue, beige, etc.

By the way, if a plain blue dress seems to be too strict, you can try lighter and more casual options. Blue dress with prints where blue is intertwined with the other shades now this is a very fashionable trend.

And a few more tips:

Decorations for the blue dress must be chosen with caution, it does not tolerate pretentiousness and blatancy.

Successful versions of pearls (real or artificial), silver or gold metal with stones (precious or semiprecious),

Stones – diamond or diamond alternative cubic Zirconia and blue stones: sapphire, alexandrite, Topaz, aquamarine, turquoise, lapis lazuli. It is important to remember that the color of the stones in this case should be to match the dress, or lighter. In addition, to the dress, you can add decorations with rhinestones.

What to wear with blue dress

Another point which you should pay attention to the number and jewelry design. The more complex the style of dress, the simpler should be the jewelry and, consequently, fewer of them.

Shoes to the blue dress is better to choose contrast to the image as a whole does not look monotonous. If you still want to dress entirely in blue color, it is desirable that the color of the Shoe was lighter than the color of the dress or same shoes different texture for example, you can choose lacquer or suede.

Further photos can be found with the fashion models of blue dresses and their combination:

What to wear with blue dress

What to wear with blue dress

What to wear with blue dress

What to wear with blue dress

What to wear with blue dress

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