What to wear with blue color

The current fashion is impossible to imagine without electric blue, and many of the world’s catwalks this magical blazing colour stands out of the competition.

Needless to say, that clothing saturated with bright hues helps to ensure that you are in the center of attention, and if you make this spring the emphasis on this blue color, you will win.

However, it is not necessary to forget and about rules of wearing blue.

When the blue color is the predominant color of your outfit, then nothing should distract attention. Allowed in this case, the outfit exclusively neutral beige and black colors, when we are talking about daytime business suit.

Quite well this season blue color will complement the following colors: fuchsia, blue, and yellow.

To the blue pants should choose a bright top with a patterned blue or a neutral color blouse.

Bright and rich shade of blue in your outfit needs to be complemented by such accessories that are as concise as possible regarding colors and shapes.

Blue dress for an evening out, the light should be complemented by jewelry or ornaments cooler and subdued tones.

And finally, it is worth saying that the blue color symbolizes good luck, the sky and eternity. And besides, he talks about the virtue of honesty, consistency, loyalty, good reputation and kindness in General.

Below You can admire the dresses of stars blue:

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