What to wear with black shoes

Any outfit is divided into several important parts and one of such parts are the shoes. It is an integral part of any outfit. Well, black shoes — it’s just a classic of the genre. They not only look presentable, but also combine style, elegance and sexuality. Like any other thing, the shoes must be properly worn. Combine it with the existing parts of your wardrobe.

For most ladies it is no trouble at all, given the fact that black shoes are quite versatile article of clothing. Practical, of course, always on trend and suitable to a huge number of outfits. We can safely paraphrase the great Coco and add that in addition to a little black dress in the wardrobe of every real woman needs to be the same pair of black classic shoes.

Social events

Visiting any social event, you’ll always look appropriate and very elegant shoes classic black shoes and wearing a little black dress. The outfit needs to complement a beautiful little bag or elegant clutch. In addition to the purely classical version of shoes is acceptable shoes with wide heel or platform.

Huge popularity in various secular parties are the shoes made of suede, decorated with rhinestones, various original straps artificial flowers. Wear such shoes as long and short dresses. Black color attire is optional. But the tone of the Shoe should be at least one element of the ensemble, accessory, or original handbag.


Black shoes just perfectly resonate with the office dress code. they are suitable for any business suit, skirt, dress.

Pin or colored sole

Many of the secret fantasies of men connected with high heels. This is not surprising. The stiletto heel looks very sexy and female legs in shoes on a high thin heel — a hundred times more attractive! These shoes can be combined with a huge number of things. However, it is worth considering a fabric the texture of the shoes and design.

What to wear with black shoes

In the presence of colored soles, you must choose the outfits in tone with the sole and the color of the shoes. So-a few obasuyi, but so beautiful!

Below in the photo gallery you will see what to wear with black shoes :

What to wear with black shoes

What to wear with black shoes

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