What to wear with black dress

The little black dress became famous due to designer from France of Coco Chanel. With her help this kind of dress ceased to be the daily uniform, and became an elegant and refined outfit for women.

At a time when he was born, his length was standard, and fell just below the knee. It was impossible to decorate with various ribbons, frills and other ornaments of large size. The silhouette of the dress was fitted, and the sleeves are definitely tight.

Under this dress was to wear only closed shoes, namely pumps, the stockings, well, the only accessory could only be the clutch.

But in the modern world everything is changing and every day brings new variations about how to wear a little black dress.

Modern black dress might have a fitted silhouette and be free, sleeve length is also not restricted by any rules, it can have a plunging neckline, maybe with a collar. Its design can be quite simple, and can be beautifully decorated with glitter and sequins.

What wear black dress

We will now consider the fact that you should choose the accessories for little black dress, and any other black dress.

What goes with a black dress: classic cut black dress , a small pearl beads, or beads, consisting of large stones. Earrings in this case should be small, preferably carnations. It is advisable to wear transparent stockings, not pantyhose. As an accessory need a purse-wallet, which must have a bright decor. Shoes must have high heels. And on top dresses must be worn fitted jacket with bright colors.

What goes with a black dress: for meeting with friends or a picnic.

A black dress would look great with a cropped leather jacket and any shoes without a heel, in extreme cases, a very small block heel. Under the dress you can wear a turtleneck solid color or pastel blouse. Tights matched the color of the blouse. On the waist you can wear a bright belt.

What goes with a black dress: office option.

In the office should dress conservatively, so in addition to a black dress, but should choose a jacket with a formal cut. You can add a little liveliness of this outfit with the scarf or neckerchief color. Jewelry should be a minimal amount. Shoes in the office should wear medium heel.

What goes with a black dress: to party.

In this case, you should choose bright decorations. An example is the silver or gold belt, shoes on very high heels, which are decorated with sequins and stones, the clutch with the original image and transparent stockings in black.

Length black dresses. In addition to classic style black dress whose length is just below the knee it is possible to choose and dress in black, which has a length to the floor. Regardless of where you will be wearing this outfit, it should be combined with shoes or sandals, but not necessarily on very high heels and a beautiful stylish handbag. Remember that the longer the dress will look more solemn.

Tights and stockings. These elements are required because the black dress suggests that the legs should be closed. Not sure that the tights were flesh-colored, you can wear a tights and a tight, but solid. But for young girls it is acceptable under black dress to wear tights bright colors.

Jewelry. Do not forget that under the black dress should choose a bright and flashy accessories. But it is necessary correctly to pick up. Their appearance should fit the General style. You can choose large jewelry, but they should not deprive black dress of severity. The necklace is quite acceptable to replace a brooch or earrings. But don’t all at once to wear, as the overall view is vulgar.

Black dress is not only a part of the wardrobe women, she also expresses the inner world of women. Dress will be appropriate not only for the party, but in a business setting. Therein lies its versatility.

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