What to wear with beige coat

In this article, we’ll look at what to wear a beige jacket.

Classic jacket beige

Last season the trend was a light brown color, and now his favorite is a lighter shade of beige. Bright colors look good on many. So, what things will fit the jacket, pants or dress beige. This question is quite relevant. Beige is a very versatile color and includes many shades.

Traditional suit color beige brown, olive, black, copper tones, khaki. These combinations give the image of rigor. To make the appearance more soft and feminine beige can be combined with light green, light yellow, pale pink or other pastel colors. The image will be interesting and bright, if you use the classic combination of beige and dark green, plum, purple, raspberry.

Cream shade there is some rosewateri, making it more tender and soft compared to the traditional beige.

This color gives the image of romance, therefore, sometimes Bridal dresses are exactly creamy. This shade looks good in combination with dark gray, blue, dark brown. They emphasize the tenderness and beauty cream. In combination with pastel shades of cream will look even more soft. And bright colors will make the beauty of the creamy-beige simply invisible.

The ivory color is slightly yellowish. He looks bad in combination with bright or too dark colors. Harmoniously this color looks with pastel shades such as light pink, coral, beige, pale blue, lemon.

What to wear with beige coat

If you pick ivory things, with silver or gold glitter will make a perfect option for a holiday.

What accessories and clothes would fit beige blazer

The basic principle: to emphasize the beauty of the beige jacket, it is not necessary to put absolutely everything beige. If the shoes matched the jacket of the same color, choose a dark skirt or tights.

A beige blazer will look good with classic trousers or a pipe, short dress, flared or straight skirt.

How to choose shoes? Perfect high sandals or high heel shoes.

If you wear a blazer with short shorts and a belt with broad buckle, get a sports and youth image.

Further photos can be seen what to wear with a beige jacket.

What to wear with beige coat

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