What to wear with ankle boots? Fashion ideas

Ankle boots is the most popular and stylish shoes in which absolutely all girls and women look impressive, stylish and attractive. The question that interests all, what to wear with ankle boots? Our website will tell you about it and help you to choose three fashion image of clothing. Women with high height and long slender legs we offer to wear ankle boots with leggings, because the ankle boots can visually give volume to the calf and shorten the growth.

Ankle boots are perfectly combined with skirts of various shapes and lengths. Botilony blend perfectly with a pencil skirt, crisp blouse and solid tights. The most important thing to tights was to match the ankle boots. Ankle boots and wedge heel look great with skinny jeans or pants. This combination gives your silhouette harmony, stylishness and attractiveness. Ankle boots look amazing with various dresses including casual such as a sweater dress, sheath dress, knitted and crocheted dresses, as well as with evening dresses.

With extra-long shorts are well combined ankle boots with an open toe. Also, these ankle boots look good with dresses or skirts whose length is just above the knees. This type of boots are desirable to wear in dry weather, when it’s Sunny and warm, about +15 degrees. But there are things that ankle boots do not mix. Such things include trousers, short shorts, pencil skirts with lengths below the knee shorts and skirts.

In order to make it easier to choose clothes from her wardrobe the perfect ankle boots, on our website are three stylish image.

For an evening out in the light, for example, for a date or corporate event you can wear a bright dress, emphasizing the waist with a belt. Choosing the fashion accessories such as black clutch bag on a gold chain and jewelry, as well as using as shoes black ankle boots decorated with elegant build.

For date or meeting in a cafe with friends and also for study or work, if there is no strict dress code, you can wear skinny jeans with a bright top, over which you can wear a white fur vest. Complement the image of fashionable accessories and the quality of the shoes is wearing leather ankle boots, decorated with straps.

For work, study or other important event, we offer to put on an elegant blouse and black pencil skirt, choosing stylish accessories – a clutch bag and jewelry. To complete the image must wearing fashionable ankle boots.

We hope that our tips on what to wear with ankle boots will be useful for you. Success to you when choosing clothes!

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