What to wear with a wool skirt

To create interesting and aesthetically attractive female image is one of the most successful options is the use of woolen skirts. However, it is very important to combine wool skirt, otherwise you can create it is not a good way to break the proportions of the kit.

Autumn and winter to replace the classic pencil skirt perfect wool skirt in black or grey. You only need to choose a fairly dense tights. To create a kit with a plaid grey skirt, you can use the scarf with the same pattern.

If you choose a bright top, perfect same colorful knee length skirt. Skirt red would look great with a jacket Burgundy or red shades. No less successful is the play of contrasts, for example, the combination of leather jacket of black color and green or red models skirts.

If You wear a bag or boots, boots with fringe, you can use wool skirt with the same fringe.

To create a romantic image put on a wool skirt beige light brown opaque tights, extended knitted sweater bright colors and boots with fur.

Plaid wool blend skirt goes well with many things. Fit black vest and white shirt along with high boots.

Black wool striped skirt is harmonious with the black tights with the effect of golfin. Add to this ensemble the boots below the knee, and fur coat and you’ll be irresistible!

Not devoid of style, but a little sloppy, here’s the composition: wool straight skirt with a jacket of soft fabric and a cascading collar.

If you like loose fit, use woolen skirt this style with knitted jackets and golfini is, which is relevant since last season. Wear them over tights, combining with a pair of high heels.

Below in the photo gallery you will see what to wear with a wool skirt:

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