What to wear with a tunic full of women (photo)

Today, for women who have excess weight offers a lot of room for choice all kinds of trend wear. In specialized stores for «good» women can find a variety of clothing that will suit any non-standard ladies and, moreover, relevant in today’s fashion. There you can find all the pants and shorts, dresses and skirts, shirts and tops, and, of course, fashionable today tunics. This item of clothing like nothing else, looks good on the lush ladies, and thanks to its voluminous cut them very fond.

Such clothing does not hinder movement, delicately hides imperfect shape and feel, not always self-confident lady, charming and beautiful.

But this item of clothing like a tunic, would be perfect to sit on a full lady when it is right. And as examples of this fashion trend is presented today very much, it is worth looking at it in more detail.

This kind of tunic, with fashionable sleeves are now in three-quarters of women are overweight may not be a good option. The model of this tunic is visually shortens hands and, sometimes, not always beneficial to look on a full figure.

Option of summer tunics, which do not have sleeves, too, is not suitable for every woman with excess weight. This style of tunic can afford only those women who have not too voluminous shoulders. Others, lovers of summer tunics, it is recommended to wear this item of clothing with some semblance of sleeves hang down or drop-down pieces of material. Model with sleeves such a great job of masking the full shoulders, and will give a feminine lightness and airiness.

The appeal of many fat women is that usually they are the owners of the large and beautiful Breasts. Such women can afford to wear any clothes with a sweetheart neckline, and including tunics. Beneficial shading beautiful shape, the woman will feel not only irresistible, but also, a little bit, and seductive.

Fitted tunic – this is not the best option for women with weight problems. Although the size of these tunics is quite extensive, should carefully approach the selection of such a model. The style of the garment may not be entirely beneficial to emphasize the fact that one usually wants to hide. The sale also has a tunic with a strap or belt, as well as with the Assembly at the waist. These items of clothing visually enhance the lower part of the body, so it is not recommended for women with very wide hips.

But the model tunics with high waist can rightfully take its place in the collection of clothes of any women, including women with problems of excess weight. The style of this model differs in that it can take off a beautiful neckline and racy décolleté, thereby making the bearer of the garment even more charming and attractive.

Make your choice of a tunic, you need to find the right combinations with other clothing items. And those women who have problems with excess weight, to approach this question is more thoroughly. Tunics should not wear wide skirts and free trousers. In this case, the figure will become very bulky and heavy. But with a slim classic trousers, straight jeans and fashionable today narrow knitted trousers, tunic will look just fine.

In the summer season item of clothing that represents the bottom of the tunic can serve as Bermuda shorts. But you should remember that if the shorts have the bright color, the tunic should be solid, and Vice versa, with colorful tunic need plain shorts. The versatility and convenience of this ensemble will give the woman a small person a sense of comfort and confidence.

Choose a combination of tunics with skirts quite difficult. Experts in the field of style clothing is categorical in the matter of the combination tunic with a full skirt, proving that this kit turns the woman into something big and meaningless. For women who prefer trousers to skirts, it is recommended to pay attention to the model of strict cut – the pencil skirt. The object of a woman’s closet could be a brilliant addition to the tunic and will help visually balance the female figure without creating the appearance of additional volume.

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