What to wear with a poodle skirt

The circle skirt is one of the few things that will suit almost every woman, whether slim or the owner of magnificent forms. The main thing you need to know is what is best to wear a skirt-sun. With the right combination you will look very attractive, playful and dynamic. So still better to wear a circle skirt?

What to wear with a poodle skirt

What to wear with a poodle skirt

You should not combine the skirt with t-shirts or shirts, because this skirt creates a romantic image, t-shirt or shirt just destroys the image. If you want to create a sensual and romantic look, the blouse of satin or ruffle is the correct choice. Restraint and subtle charm will give your outfit a skirt combined with a fitted turtleneck or a sweater in a fine knit.

If the skirt could be worn only in warm weather, but now everything has changed. Modern fashion trends offer a wide range of skirts-the sun is not made of lightweight materials, and of the more dense tissues. Wearing such a skirt in cold weather. Of course, these skirts should be worn with skin-tight turtlenecks or sweaters, made from knit. In any case, do not wear loose sweaters or turtlenecks, because by itself, the skirt has a wide cut.

Nothing completes the look like a beautiful and properly matched shoes. The decisive factor in the selection of shoes under the skirt is its length. If the skirt is short, it is better to use sandals or shoes with high, thin heels. But we should not overlook the wedges, as they are very well accentuate the romantic style of the circle skirt. Not nice short skirt looks with shoes with wide, chunky heel.

To the circle skirt long Maxi fit almost all shoes, ranging from flip-flop model and ending with the shoes. Of course, shoes or sneakers absolutely will look totally inappropriate and even ridiculous. Warm skirt to wear with boots without heels.

What to wear with a poodle skirt

Speaking about the universality of the circle skirt, it should not forget that not every style will suit you. To buy the skirt still is based on the characteristics of the figure.

Girls with curvy hips should not buy short high-waisted skirt. Instead, opt for a model mid-length or Maxi drop-line flare.

Women with narrow hips just the opposite perfect short model with a high line flare. It not only adds volume to the hips, but will also emphasize the waist.

That’s all. Actually not so difficult to find a matching top and shoes for a skirt-sun. The main thing to remember is that the skirt has a simple cut at the same time, look very impressive, so the top needs to be tight. Shoes should be selected depending on the length of the skirt. The way you can accessorize, which not only will add flavor to your outfit.

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