What to wear with a mini?

The first mini-skirt was created by an Englishwoman Mary Quant in the 1960’s, and the first store for the sale of mini-skirts was a London store, «Bazaar», and the first show of the mini on the podium was held by Frenchman Andre Courage. Today every girl has at least one skirt style mini. They are permanently in Vogue and already hold their positions several seasons, especially in summer. But even the coolest skirt and beautiful legs will not produce the proper impression, if the mismatched shoes. To your appearance was classy and beautiful, you need to know what to wear with mini.

The Slippers are always well combined with denim or a mini skirt made of cotton, and never lost popularity. But such a combination is more suited for the beach. Although if you wear flip-flops, which are decorated with rhinestones, colors of leather or fabric, with beads or crystals, in such shoes, it is possible to walk around the city.

Slippers beautiful appearance it is possible to wear with denim skirts or youth with a fluffy mini-skirts with flounces and ruches.

Style mini-skirts casual goes well with ballet flats and it looks like this tandem perfectly.

Youth informal mini-skirt and sneakers make the look slightly urbanized.

Perfectly mini skirt and wedges. In this case it is better to choose sandals or shoes that have cut the Cape.

Will also fit shoes with straps, open back and front.

How to wear a mini skirtto be stylish and fashionable this summer? Famous designers suggest leather strappy sandals, Greek sandals white, gold and silver colors, sandals of Roman legionaries that have multiple straps that are interwoven in the Shin.

Sandals with a mini-purses, which are attached to the upper strap sandals or boots will give any girl’s trendy and even a bit outrageous. Girls of low growth stylists recommend heel-shots.

In cool summer days you can wear a mini or cowboy boots. It is also acceptable to wear high boots with wide shaft.

All models of the flight boots are made of thin soft leather, have cut holes and all sorts of patterns, decorated with flowers and rhinestones. They often have a cut out toe and heel. Do not allow the combination mini short boots, which is able to ruin even the smooth and slender legs. You should also refrain from shoes with pointed toe and on the heel «stiletto». It’s old-fashioned, vulgar and vulgar.

Below in the photo gallery you will see what else I wear a mini:

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