What to wear with a leather skirt?

Leather skirt in our minds associated discotheques, youth parties, and a short black piece of clothing. In General terms, once it was. Leather skirts are preferred to wear women aggressive, strong-willed warehouse of the person. This history is largely ruined the reputation of this brave, but it’s a decent garment.

In recent years the notoriety of leather skirts begins to be forgotten, and they are available for a wide range of fashionistas. They were colorful, has acquired a different length and shape. Now is the time to those who previously would never have purchased this article of clothing, afraid to look too vulgar or matter, to catch up.

Since that time, and perhaps long leather skirts firmly established not only in the wardrobes of those who like night parties and noisy discos, but also office workers, romantic girls and just lovers of strong-willed image and fashion innovations.

And, although leather skirt currently gained a solid and strong position, to treat it with care, to avoid possible excesses or misunderstandings. So first talk about limits.

What is unacceptable to wear with a leather skirt and a short length

The highest degree of banality and vulgarity will be a combination of this skirt with high bottomtime and tight top, especially if it will be put under a bright makeup.

Massive accessories made of metal and straps-chain in combination with the skin create rough and often ridiculous image.

Leather and sheer blouses – of course, vulgar and risky combination that can make you surprise even your loved ones.

As to the length and style of skirts, it should be followed as for any other skirts, namely:

  • Short skirt contraindicated full and short legs of the owner.
  • In the absence of waist and pronounced feminine shapes, the pencil skirt will further exacerbate the situation.
  • In the workplace – only the classic cut of the skirt.
  • Invisible colors for everyday wear.

Discussing the ban, let’s get to the more interesting lesson and see what you can wear with a leather skirt.

And to wear with a leather skirt for

  • A variety of shirts and blouses of bright and pastel colours, depending on the situation.
  • All kinds of sweaters and pants.
  • Fur and knitted vests.
  • Jackets, cardigans and short jackets.
  • Shoes with heels of all sizes and at all without it.
  • Wedges.
  • A variety of accessories from clutches to bracelets.

If, after reading all the above, you shrugged and thought, «nothing new», then you already know the main thing – in recent years fashion has allowed us to fit in your closet leather skirt on an equal footing with other skirts. Modern designer fully untied our hands and gave a huge variety of races.

Below in the photo gallery you will see what you can wear with leather skirt:

What to wear with a leather skirt?

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