What to wear with a jacket

Over time, the jacket was a versatile garment. It can be used to create many different looks. The jacket can complement almost any ensemble, making it stylish and at the same time very comfortable. Such a statement is easy to prove with the help of illustrative examples.

Perhaps one of the most fashionable styles at the moment is military style. To create it you can use a military jacket, combine it with a long skirt in the style of Maxi, as well as to complement a romantic bustier. For a more complete image recommended various accessories and decorations, they can be ethnic or Safari. The final stage will be the shoes. It is advisable to use shoes that are slightly shabby and worn look.

The second option would be the creation of an image of «dolls», this method is perfect for meeting the parents of Your beloved and walk in the Park or meeting with friends. In this way, the best option is the combination of the blazer and the top, for example, camomile and a beautiful ballerina skirt in the style of a Tulip. If You decide to dress in this way, do not forget about the various decorations and flowers in pastel colours.

The third option would be the Safari style. This image will always be beautiful and relevant. This style is suitable for both women and men. To create the image you want to use, for example, a skirt in the romantic style and a simple jacket with pockets. Beautiful additions to the image will be socks and accessories Safari.

Safari-style, there are many images, so you can submit another version of this style. You can combine top with leopard print and jacket, made of leather, good will come of this method the khaki shorts and sandals Gladiator flat shoes.

The fourth option would be to create the classic image. This style can be divided into two categories-night and day. For a casual ensemble perfect jeans in a classic style, the blazer, the blouse and the bag is quite large, lace-up heels shoes well complete the image.

In the evenings you can make a white jacket and a long dress with a slightly full skirt to complete the image will help accessories, you can also use massive jewelry and beautiful watches.

The fifth option would be to create a sporty style. For this method, you can use a blazer in a sporty style, denim shorts, t-shirt and Slippers, made of plastic. Crossbody bag will fit harmoniously into the ensemble.

And finally, the sixth option is a glamorous style. To create it you can use the jacket and pleated skirt, lace bustier will look appropriate in this image and it perfectly complement. Vintage jewelry, velvet clutch and high-heeled sandals is also well suited for this ensemble.

Below in the photo gallery you will see what you can wear a jacket:

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