What to wear with a fur vest?

Now at the height of fashion vests fur. At all times fur was considered a sign of well-being, as it has expensive and elegant look. What to wear with a fur vest?

Related things in this case has a classic cut trousers, ankle boots, turtleneck, dress, boots, jeans and a nice belt.

Fur. Now manufacturers offer a wide selection of products from real or artificial fur, which can have not only different length, but also color. If real fur is quite expensive, or to wear it not want to, you can pick up a vest made of faux fur. The model of the vest and the kind of fur should be chosen according to simple rules. For slender women will fit models with long pile, such as Fox or the Fox. Here’s a more dense women will look great in vests of short fur, that is mink, rabbit or sheep.

Coloring. The first step is to choose the shade that you like yourself. But still worth to listen to some advice. So, slender women will look good in vests with light pile, and the woman needs to buy jackets of dark fur. The belted waist creates an elegant look.

What to wear with. Vests of bright fur are perfectly combined with classic trousers or a fairly narrow skirt, complete with turtleneck. It is also worth adding here shoes with high heels. This style is quite appropriate in the office.

For the trip to the cottage, you can create the image of jeans, jackets, fur vests and cowboy boots. This style is convenient and practical in nature.

Combine a fur vest with a simple dress can women that have a curvy shape. But the fur should be short and dark, and on the vest the necessary panels of leather. If we add a pair of heels and a belt — style elegant women’s ready.

If the vest is made of bright fur, then it should choose a monochrome dress.

In winter, the vest can even be worn over clothing that will look quite interesting.

A fur vest can be combined with a fur bag, because it will be ugly and completely without taste.

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