What to wear with a denim vest?

Vest jeans is a universal garment. A feature of this garment is its versatility and the ability to give any look a modern appearance.

Fashion vests jeans was back in the nineties, so the best option is the combination with the pencil skirt, cardigan, with the neckline in the form of the letter V or a blouse made of silk. Very beautiful vest will look great with the dress in the colors or shorts.

Vests now available in a variety of styles. They can be long, quite short, oiled and decorated with different elements.

What to wear with a denim vest?

Jeans you can use any vests, and their shade does not have to match with tone jeans. If you add some decorative elements in the form of various chains, the belt, the scarf, the vest will come in handy with any jeans.

Introducing five ways to wear vests with different things.

The easiest way to wear is the combination of the vest with a blouse of silk and a beautiful pattern. Thus, casual outfit will immediately get a certain degree of elegance and originality. If you add to it along a pencil skirt, exclusive outfit ready.

The unusual youth image is considered to be a girly image. To create it you need to wear cutoff vest. If we add to this sneakers and round glasses, and on the head wear Panama, the summer look is completed.

To relax in a nightclub fit combination of slim fit jeans skinny or leggings, Topeka print short jackets from denim and fashion accessories with bright colors.

Pretty long dress will look great in combination with the vest. If you add to the image a little bag with chain straps and sandals and a few thin bracelets on the hands, will create a romantic image.

Colored pants with prints, a white shirt without a pattern and a vest of jeans would be appropriate in any situation. This outfit is suitable for work and relaxation with friends.

Below in the photo gallery you will see what wear denim vest :

What to wear with a denim vest?

What to wear with a denim vest?

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