What to wear with a denim skirt?

Those who are interested in fashion, certainly not have a question, what it is possible to combine a denim skirt? This is a universal thing in a woman’s wardrobe goes well with clothing of many colors and styles.

A denim skirt that appeared in 60-ies of XX century, without exaggeration can be called a classic thing. Relevant and wildly popular at the time for the youth of the «hippie» actively used «promoted» clothes of jeans.

Men sported jeans, well, the lovely girls wore denim skirts. I must say that this era has generated such a trendy thing as Gina,»the wash».

Time has changed fashion in such wardrobe items is also updated. If before the skirt was basically «mini», with time, the designers of strangely diversified number of models. At that time, the denim skirt has been an integral part of the youth sector in clothes, no party or disco is not complete without girls in the «dzhinsovka». Oh, and a short skirt made of jeans with a wide black belt was the height of fashion!

And nowadays every fashion girls must have one, or several, denim skirts, because they, by their participation, are able to create a modern and fashionable way, successfully fitting into almost any style of clothing.

What to wear with a denim skirt?

  1. In the heat of summer can wear a denim skirt with fringe combined with a low-necked clothing to give the image of sexuality. With a skirt of this type are perfectly combined a variety of shirts and tops. Feet are best shod in sandals or flats.
  2. Denim skirt — clothing for all seasons. In cold weather it is possible to combine thick tights, stylish cardigan or sweater, warm sweater. All what you need to do.
  3. Short fashionable skirt is great for young girls. It can be worn with different texture breeches and leggings, combining with stylish t-shirts and vests. Shoes or boots will successfully complete the original image.
  4. Denim skirts are perfectly blended with air tops long sleeve shirt or a bright t-shirts. These variations are very effective and are trendy.
  5. There are options for combinations and for lovers of classic clothing. Wear with a skirt, white blouse, ballet flats, sandals or shoes and you will look unique. Combine the skirt with different blouses and every day you will be the new perfect.
  6. Do not forget about the very fashionable this season bag. It will perfectly complete the image, if you will choose it in the color of the clothes. Shod, in this case, is stilettos.
  7. For publication, an evening outfit will be the combination of the skirt with a bold corset that you will attract many admiring glances. In a special way this outfit can emphasize the waistline and hips.

As you know, fashion is very changeable. She touched and denim skirt, which varies in shapes and colors of each season. Changing but not going away. In season 2012 the actual color is called gold, and all shades of purple, black, blue. yellow and white.

Denim skirt for many years of its existence has gained a solid position among the fashionable things. You will be able to determine what to combine and how to wear, if you will appreciate this universal thing.

Denim skirt, fashionable and diverse, as the link between styles and directions. And you’ll be able to decide what to combine in your wardrobe, because you know yourself and your figure like no other.

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