What to wear with a coat?

Stylish coat will help you to emphasize your individuality and give your image of elegance and femininity. As coat you will wear on a daily basis, before purchase be sure to think about what you will be able to put it on. Do you have things that will make him a worthy ensemble?

Let’s look at what it is possible to combine a short or long coat, some shoes more suited to coats, depending on its length.

What to wear a short coat?

Short coat will be a great option for everyday life. The garment under it is necessary to choose carefully so your image was harmonious.

If you like to wear skirts and dresses, then the short coat choose a fashionable dress or a pencil skirt. It would be better if your skirt or dress to be Empire waist. Also you will be suitable volume and narrow skirts. And those and others will perfectly accentuate your elegance.

If you’re a fan of sports style, you’ll like skinny jeans with a tunic. Classic short coat you can wear with straight trousers in black.

If you prefer short coat, you should not wear it with things that will stick out from under him. In particular, such things could be different flared sweater or blouse untucked.

It is essential to wear long overcoat?

The longer your coat, the more strict it seems. This coat is more suitable for work and business meetings. Long coat is also good for the fact that you don’t need to pick him a special top because it goes with almost everything. And shirts, sweaters, blouses, tunics, vests. And that’s only because they will not be visible under your coat.

In fact, so dresses and skirts will fit all variants of small or medium length. Also goes with classic pants. Jeans you can wear, only better choose straight, not bell bottoms. If you wear a short dress or skirt, your tights should be adjusted to match the shoes.

What shoes need to wear a coat?

If you wear short coat in combination with a narrow skirt that will peek out from under it no more than 10 inches, the shoes is better to choose stylish boots or high heel boots.

What to wear with a coat?

Long coat will blend in perfectly with high-heel shoes. The shoes can be boots, stockings with heels or boots.

As you can see, the selection is large. Trust your own taste and how you will feel in this or that thing.

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