What to wear with a brown jacket

Today the most popular down jackets with brown hues. But many owners of this outerwear can’t decide what to wear with brown jacket in order to look fashionable, stylish and original. Brown itself is pretty quiet, but with things in various shades it is possible to create many different looks.

What can you wear brown down jackets? Here are a few recommendations.

Brown down jackets well with things blue, cream, pink, yellow, green, orange colors. If you have the model wear a bright color hues of rust, beige, or clay, then a down jacket would be best to blend in with things of gray, olive, green hues. Accessories to outerwear of this type need to pick up, focusing on the colour black.

Jacket brown and things natural colors, very well combined. Adding more accessories grey, coal or earthy color, the outerwear in the composition of this set will look elegant and respectable. To give your outfit some lightness need a brown jacket to wear with grey accessories and white. If you wear a brown jacket with things pastel, soft and gentle colors (lilac, pale pink, caramel, cream, lemon, ivory), then your image will have a sophisticated and refined look.

What to wear with a brown jacket

The combination of brown and beige will bring freshness to your image and make it elegant. If you replace the beige color of white, you get a classic appearance. Your image will be gentle, if you pick this outerwear with things pink hue.

Wear jackets brown can with things that have a lighter shade of the same color. But we should not forget that in this case, in order to look stylish, you need to add in your set of clothes of different shades of that color, starting with sand and ending with chocolate. And to dilute the result with black.

To create a bright and expressive image, brown jacket need to carry things blue, emerald green or Navy blue.

Incredibly beautiful combination with the yellow color and its shades (lemon, ochre). It should be noted that pretty cheeky will look like a combination of red. As an experiment, put under the brown jacket, red sweater, and enhance the image of different accessories. You can wear a brown jacket with things soft coral color. In this case, you will be very graceful and very feminine.

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