What to wear to the Park?

The Park is a long length jacket usually with a hood, well protected from winter cold. This fashionable item remains relevant for many seasons and is a very versatile item of clothing, but still try to understand what the Park must wear.

There are all kinds of models of the parka: lightweight and insulated, long and short, with hood and without him, classical and avant-garde style. Pack of classic style goes well with almost any other garments. Excellent «partner» parks have jeans, wear it with a skirt and shorts. It is better to choose the Park, not burdened with too many ties and pockets, then she will look great with the bag-a portfolio and lipstick in bright colors.

What to wear to the Park?

Considered the most stylish jackets khaki, green, black, brown or beige (in the style of «military»). Park in combination with a wide scarf and a slouchy bag will enhance your image and make it harmonious and complete. Most advantageously, the Park looks unbuttoned. If you want, you can focus on the waist, wearing narrow or Vice versa wide belt.

What better to wear to the Park?

Pack goes well with any pants, skinny jeans and skinny leather pants. Good solid and plaid shirts and oversized pullovers. Allowed play of contrasts – Park ensemble with the Maxi and mini skirts, leggings and tunics-sweaters. A bold and interesting combination is a Park and mini-shorts, and jacket in this case should be much longer.

What to wear to the Park?

If to talk about shoes, look great shoes with wedge heels, thigh boots with wide heels, shoes and different shoes suitable color to the jacket. Best option most appropriate to the style of the image will be high laced boots or massive in appearance ankle boots with a wedge heel. You can experiment by choosing a classic or avant-garde shoes design, suitable in color and texture to the Park.

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