What to wear to the office in winter

Many people face the problem of the winter dress code in the office. Judge for yourself, we are able to wear multiple clothes to keep warm on the way to work. But coming into a warm room, such layering does not play in your favor. Sometimes it looks stupid, but in most cases, it’s just uncomfortable. If you are not willing to constantly change into other clothes at the office, follow the new trends of the dress code.

The game of contrasts

The contrast has long been not a variable but rather a constant in the fashion world. So feel free to buy clothes of different colors and shades, it creates a unique image and will not let you get bored. Even if your office dress code is quite strict, you can always dilute the unusual bright ornaments or artsy handbag. Daily change accessories: let this bracelet today, tomorrow will be a necklace or earrings. Also play with styles. To the severity can be given a romance in the form of ruffles, ribbons, and other liberties. Thus, even the classic version white top, black bottom will look different.


If you have one eye look at fashion magazines, you will find that the hit of the current season are pastel colors. Ranging from all shades of beige, ending with pink, blue, pearl and neutral gray. To dilute soothing colors, add a touch of playfulness, for example, colors such as Burgundy, garnet, cobalt, lilac, purple. Important to use the waist strap, which is suitable for skirts and trousers. It will brighten the image and your waistline.


The pantsuit — a classic of the genre. Now the fashion house develop unusual patterns costumes. This season focuses on large baggy suits in men’s style. Also relevant is a neat, tight-fitting women’s suit. If you are not afraid of experimentation, and rules of the office permit, report to work in a suit of male silhouette. If you want to be the most stylish, note the elongated jackets to mid-thigh with an elongated V-neckline. If you want to stick to the classics, prefer cropped jackets, which harmoniously fit into any closet. Classic Trouser option — the pants narrowed towards the bottom. They will help you visually lose a few pounds and will give you a few welcome inches. The best length is to the ankle.

Shorts in the office is a reality

The simple desire of any office employee is to throw away the work, dress code and forget on some beach on an uninhabited island. Therefore, for a more comfortable stay in office, the designers have developed a office shorts. They are the pants, shorts to the knee. Their styles are as diverse as the styles of pants, they can be tight and level. If rules allow, you can even pick up such short shorts. Besides, they are perfectly combined with shirts, blouses and jackets. And will complete this image of a beautiful accessory to your taste. The surprise of colleagues is not the limit!

Skirt with peplum

Peplum stormed into this season and solidly in it. If you are still not familiar with it, it looks like a normal skirt, only with pleats at the hips. Drafting sewn to the waist of the skirt and end at the hips. Peplum can be sewn around the entire circumference of the skirt, or only at the hips. As a rule, this skirt is the focus, so pick up her blouse in neutral tones. Skirt with peplum is a godsend, as it also corrects the shape. Your waist will visually become narrower, and the flaws in the hips smoothed out. The best colors of these skirts dark brown, green, purple. But you have the right to choose those who like and going you try! Let your imagination and individuality and create your own combinations in clothing!

Below in the photo gallery you will see what to wear to the office in the winter:

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