What to wear to the disco, to be the most beautiful?

Every girl wants to always be beautiful, stylish and fashionable, especially this desire intensifies in anticipation of such events, only plus, I want to appear in the outfit and the accessories that you have never seen.

Style and gentle

Everyone knows that a sign of bad taste is the emergence of discos and similar events in the same, even the most fashionable and stylish outfit several times in a row.

If you used to spend every weekend in night clubs, then, you see, each time appearing in a new toilet is very costly in financial terms. Despite this, it is still possible to find a way, because a more thorough investigation of your wardrobe, where there are certainly a couple of perfectly decent outfits.

The important thing at the party look bright and noticeable, but it is important not to cross the line between brightness and vulgarity coupled with bad taste.

It is important to know how to combine the clothes to always be stylish and tastefully dressed, which will help you to be the center of attention at any party. By the way, be sure to clarify whether the party that you are going theme, they have become very popular in recent years.

Accessories for night club

Be sure to check the program for the evening in a night institution to make sure you get to the point with the outfit.

There are no strict rules that must be followed when choosing clothes, but we can give some General recommendations that will help you to choose the most advantageous option of outfit for a disco or party in the night club.

As long as you feel comfortable in a dress or a suit, nothing prevented and not hamper the movements. For example, if you feel uncomfortable with high heels, it is best to choose something more familiar. Or if you never wore mini-skirts, then, of course, not the best idea for the first time to wear it to a party at a night club.

High heel — a win-win for disco

It is unlikely that you will like to dance in high heels and mini skirt will be constantly lifted up and cause you some embarrassment.

Such items of clothing need to get used to it gradually, slowly introducing them into your main closet. Because a disco is a place of entertainment and dancing and to have fun need to feel comfortable and relaxed. Many in the choice of attire depends on what purpose you have come to the night club. If whole night you plan to sit at the bar, sipping a cocktail and flirting with young people, of course, you can wear a short dress and high heels, because for most of the evening you are going to sit and chat.

Classic dress — great for discos

If you, instead, going all night to light the dance floor, then a short mini-dress will not be your best option outfit, as heels will give you one disadvantage.

What to wear to a nightclub?

So, have you decided what you’re going to a party and found out that it will not be themed, and now you can begin to assemble the toilet.

Long been known that the short cocktail dress is a safe bet for almost any occasion, but it is not always convenient and comfortable. However, if you believe in yourself, then this option will suit you perfectly.

Dress can be any color that you like. It is also worth remembering that the club can be worn with bold, bright colors, which in ordinary life do not wear, that is, to give vent to their imagination and extravagance. In this case, we mean shiny and shimmering fabrics, in dress of which you will not go unnoticed.

In addition, it looks great in the club dress fully embroidered with sequins, crystals and stones. However, remember that such clothing is appropriate only in the night school, while at lunch with a friend in this form to go pending.

Also discos are appropriate dresses with open back, deep plunging neckline, but do not overdo it, a sense of proportion should be in everything, so in any case, it has not turned vulgar.

Such dresses will suit the high heel shoes or boots boots. Very popular option of outfit for a disco — skinny jeans and a tank top.

However, the club suits only fashionable and form-fitting jeans models, as it can be or leggings. The main thing is to wear them with long shirts.

The image needs to be fashionable, so Supplement this set with bright accessories and stylish shoes. With jeans you can wear sandals without heels, but always stylish and bright.

To narrow jeans also fit ballet shoes with spikes or rhinestones. Girls for parties often choose high-heeled shoes, so it all depends on your taste and desires.

In the walls of the night club look beautiful and trendy jumpsuit. This thing self-sufficient, looks very original and feminine. The main thing to do is to pick the color and style because he, like any other thing that can how to decorate, and spoil all impression of the image.

A win-win option for the club is a set of mid-length skirts and beautiful blouses. When choosing this kit, it is important to remember one rule — if a plain skirt, blouse can be colorful, even the most bizarre color. If the skirt of several colors, the blouse is better to choose more modest, not to look like a traffic light. Of course, at the party I want to be bright and noticeable, but this does not necessarily wear everything existing in the wardrobe of colorful things. Don’t forget about the sense of proportion.

On make-up and hairstyles, the club appropriate bright makeup, and the most original hairstyle. But then again, remember the limit, it is better to be completely make-up free, than to be like Gothic girls with dark circles under the eyes from rasplyvsheysya mascara or eyeliner.

This is the real danger, because dancing all night long are not conducive to a neat and makeup, so if you are unsure of the quality of their cosmetics are 100%, then go to this process with greater caution.

The perfect makeup for parties is very popular smoky eyes also look great neat black arrows. Be careful with the powder and Foundation cream, do not overdo it. After all, the face, breaking a sweat from the vigorous dancing may become unkempt and untidy stains from cosmetics. The best hairstyle will gently clean the hair and elegant tail.

In any case, do not wear to the club long dresses or skirts — they are simply inappropriate in such places, and the crowd can leave you without a hem. Strict office suits — not the best option for discos, of course, if it’s not a theme party.

Below in the photo gallery you will see that you can put on a disco:

What to wear to the disco, to be the most beautiful?

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