What to wear summer boots?

Boots in summer are self-confident, brave and determined ladies. Pick the right way, and success is guaranteed.


The combination of the boots with the dress is probably the most winning. This can be a easy, feminine style with a light airy dress of light hue, and maybe some sports, if you combine them with jeans or denim dresses. The overall image with the boots requires careful selection of attire. If this dress, complete with belt from the skin, if it shorts — pick a wide-brimmed hat.

Cowboy style

Here the main stroke will be brown boots, possibly with a variety of finishes, cords, pattern, embroidery. If you are going to pick up a skirt under the image of a cowboy, let it be made of leather, suede or fabric that simulates these materials. It can also be denim or cotton denim color. Don’t forget about the classic American plaid shirt.

The ideal is a combination of shirts with shorts or a short skirt. You can pick up a denim jumpsuit with a simple t-shirt. Among footwear manufacturers this model is very popular and varied. Summer boots are made from fabric, lace, and leather and suede with an open toe or heel, and with embroidery, with fringe.


The main selection criterion of the pants under the boots should be knee-length or above, or big width, otherwise they will hide shoes and all the charm of this stylish shoes. Shorts, breeches pick any style, but appropriate for the style.


Under this kind of boot need to pick up something very light, airy, lace can also. This might be a dress, better if not very long, tunics, coupled with shorts or a skirt.

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