What to wear crochet dresses?

Knitted dresses look great on girls with any type of shape. Things are tough binding is still not recommended to wear overweight girl. The main thing to remember is that any thing should be combined with the entire ensemble to create a truly unique look. Tights under knit dress you want to wear the same color scheme as the dress. A handbag should be worn suede or fabric.

When it’s warm knit dress can be worn with nylon tights and even without them. Depending on the style of the dress will suit any style of shoes from clogs to high heels. You should pay attention to the accessories: belts, eyewear, hats made of straw.

In cold weather the classic knitted dresses to wear with tights in black or brown. Casual knitted dresses look great with skinny jeans, leggings, opaque tights or leggings.

Crochet dresses combined with ugg, boots, ankle boots. Narrow boots with high heels combined with classic models.

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