What to wear blue skirt

Skirt blue can have many models, for example, Maxi, Tulip, pencil, bell, mini or pleated. And often women think much about what to wear that blue skirt , and how to choose her clothes to look attractive and office, and having fun.


skirt blue matches perfectly with all sorts of blouses or cardigans in white.

The office should wear a white blouse with a skirt of blue. If you add a belt of white color them blue bag, the set will be complete.

In everyday lifeand long skirt suit white shirt. And on top you can throw on a cardigan pearl or yellow hues.

In the evening it is advisable to wear a pleated skirt, which is successfully combined with a white top made of chiffon. Top fits over your jacket white.

skirt blue successfully combined with blouses, coat or jacket, beige.

For work would be appropriate combination of the blue skirt and beige blouse that is embellished with blue patterns. Platform shoes beige color that will complement the image.

For parties you can even use the kit, only replace shoes Golden sandals, and decorate it with jewelry for gold.

— Skirt of blue color is interesting and unique looks with a blouse created in a nautical style. And if you add to it the clutch bag blue and white short jacket, a way to remember all the others.

blue skirt combined with a blouse and bright green, yellow or pink shades.

Office style is appropriate to be the blue skirt combined with blouse in turquoise. And platform shoes and jacket need to pick only white.

For Dating long skirt of blue chiffon can be combined with the top yellow color. But belt and jewelry it is desirable to select in blue.

— successfully combined the skirt is blue with red shoes and a thin belt at the waist.

For office to the blue skirt to match the jacket in red and a small bag.

Casual wear involves a combination skirt blue color with red ballet flats and similar in tone cardigan.

Below in the photo gallery you will see what to wear with a blue skirt:

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