What to do to make shoes not Ter?

What to do to make shoes not Ter?

Since almost everyone is familiar with the unpleasant sensations that arise from the close of new things, everyone should know what to do, so the shoes rubbed. Buying the new beautiful shoes, we have no long able to try it on in store to determine, she rubs his feet. Of course, finding discomfort, people get upset, because exchange wearing the shoes quite problematic.

Ways to eliminate the problem of rubbing shoes

1.A reliable and effective way of rassasyvaniya shoes: should be treated with alcohol (vodka) those parts of the product that rubbed his legs and like wearing shoes around the apartment for about 20 minutes.

2. To reduce the suffering caused by narrow shoes, you should treat the problem areas with soap and water, soaked in liquid or candle wax.

3. A piece of cloth soaked in vinegar solution, should be on all night to put into the product. The drawback of this method is the smell of vinegar, which can be neutralized with hydrogen peroxide.

4. A simple patch can be put on the problem spot in the Shoe and walk with him until, till your feet feel the comfort.

5. National way: to soak a cloth in hot water and put the shoes on for 10 minutes. Then remove the cloth, and the product is Shoe by wearing thick socks, and walk around the room about 1 hour.

6. A popular way to overnight a box of new clothes wrapped in a wet towel. The environment created inside the box, will contribute to painless rassasyvaniju products.

To shoes not Ter, it is important to buy quality products of the appropriate size. Raznashivaya shoes, remember that the lines and seams of the Shoe almost does not change its size and shape.

Special tools, warning the problem of rubbing shoes

1. The small insert (liner) made of silicone, which is non-slip, no pressure and great hold inside the product. They are securely attached to the heel, rubbing the fifth, or to those places that are as tinder, and prevent the emergence of wounds and calluses.

2. For the gradual rassasyvaniya products from natural leather, especially in footwear, sweaty feet, use a special foam or spray streamer, which is applied to tight places. If, after walking a while across the room the shoes do not get the effect, you should repeat the procedure.

3. Effective method of post — heating of the internal surface of the dryer. After heating the hot air need to process the product foam-stretching and to wear for 20 minutes in a wool sock. After cooling the product to repeat this procedure.

4. Soft strips which are placed inside the product to fight for comfort, protecting feet from friction and contact with solid material.

5. Special powder for the feet, adsorbing the moisture (sweat), reduces the friction of the product on the skin and makes feet soft, silky.

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