What to do if stretched leather shoes

What to do if stretched leather shoes

If stretched out leather shoesit is not necessary to clean the Cabinet. If the shoes are still new, you should go to the store and purchased a couple to replace a smaller one. Shoes should be Packed in a box and be sure to bring a check.

A man who wears very wide or stretched in lifting shoes, can hurt some of your organs and throughout the body as a whole. Deformation of the feet there are various dangerous diseases of the internal organs.

However, not every person can afford to buy a new product, and, therefore, will be forced to reduce the size of the broken products.

What to do with stretching leather shoes?

To reduce the size of the leather should be immersed in warm water with detergent and leave to dry in natural conditions. It is not recommended to dry shoes in the sun or near a heating duct from this procedure, the skin will crack. Dry shoes must be treated with special cream or liquid which is applied to rassasyvaniya products, and walk in it for a while. After drying, the Shoe, is significantly reduced in size. This procedure, unfortunately, can reduce stretching leather shoes only for a short period of time, because in the process of operation the skin is again stretched. In addition, there is a risk of spoiling the skin. This method can only work on leather shoes (patent boots it is forbidden to soak and dry).

Various ways of reducing the size of stretched leather shoes

If stretched leather shoes, you can use one of the following methods.

Clad leg warm socks will increase the stop a few millimeters, not allowing the leg to hang freely, and winter boots when walking subsides. The character of a person from these types of shoes will not be ruined.

The best solution to this problem is the use of conventional insoles (in winter boots the initial insole better shoes do not remove). You can purchase special insoles or silicone (gel) tab under the heel or the toe which raises the foot, securely locking the position of the feet in the product. The advantage of such tabs is the material from which they are produced, does not cause allergies. But this method is not applicable to open footwear (shoes and sandals). In this case it is better to use latex insoles, which tightly adheres to the sole.

To fit Shoe size can, of course, apply in a Shoe shop, where the master with special equipment will perform the required work. Thus, the flip-flops (for the sides) and the doctor will make incisions and gently pulling up the top, sew them.

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