What store shoes

What store shoes

Beautiful appearance of the Shoe, its comfort and durability depend on what store your shoes.

Ways to store shoes

Distinguish between open and closed method of storage of shoes with laces and without them, as well as seasonal (long-term) and daily (short-term) storage. Outdoor storage uses storage in the hallway or in special cabinets and closed storage – Shoe box storage in private attic and in closets.

From quality training shoes, and compliance to conditions of storage depends on the storage efficiency. To avoid cracking and aging products, it is advisable to store your shoes in a ventilated place where you do not get the moisture and the scorching rays of the sun.

What is the best way to store shoes?

One of the most usual ways of storing boxes for shoes. Most often used is the factory, but you can buy the special package. A special box made from clear side to without opening the box, you can easily understand what is inside.

For convenient use factory boxes and facilitate the process of finding the right pair can be pasted on the package label indicating the type of footwear and its owner. In addition, it is possible to make a small photo printing on the printer (on plain paper).

What to store shoes for the winter, for example, used for fishing? If you have free space, the most efficient and ideal storage of shoes — special compartments located in the wardrobes, in and out of the shelf. In addition to the Shoe boxes, almost the only way to comfortably accommodate boots – the use of shelves (drawers simple chest of drawers or special containers with a handle that can be placed e.g. under the bed). In a private home can take a creative approach to Shoe storage and a ladder to turn into places for storage, including seasonal shoes.

From well-known manufacturers, you can buy a suspended «shelf-pocket», which is the basis of cloth. The advantages of this storage option is low cost and the ability to hang them anywhere, even on the door. The only downside is that they are quite narrow and quickly smear (so the shelf is more suitable for Slippers and summer shoes).

Following the «civilized» method of storage — Shoe racks that can be installed in the wardrobe and in the lobby. Such models are made of metal, and can be completely open or with doors. This method has gained popularity thanks to the minimal amount of space and low cost. However, the rack is quite spacious, so are used to store products for the season.

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