What shoes your legs of celebrities this fall

Start to complement your wardrobe with fall Shoe. As the stars of the world of show business of the first magnitude. Budget – unrestricted (oznakomivshis only with the trend and take note of the main trends).

Trendsetters from different countries of the world argue about the main, in their opinion the Shoe trends of the fall, not wanting to come to a common denominator. That is their job. But we, like our favorite idols from the world of cinema, music and fashion ultimately, only take into account the recommendations fashion guru, and choose what is closer to us in spirit and gives confidence. So, take a look at what is in this season, chose our beloved stars.

Yana Rudkovskaya, a well-known producer of Dima Bilan and part-time, another fashionista, this perfect autumn prefers different styles, but at the same time very fashionable styles of shoes: loafers and pumps. Choosing bright shades of shoes – it did not go unnoticed on the red carpet and social events.

Well, warm autumn Yana could not refuse myself the pleasure to decorate their legs with elegant shoes with open nose.

Her perfect pedicure likes to show off and another equally famous television star, Alena Vodonaeva. The former star of the TV project «Dom-2» loves all kinds of shoes of the same plan. However, in everyday life, it is increasingly possible to see all the same actual extremely fashionable loafers and sneakers under different dresses and skirts.

Even pregnant, Kim Kardashian does not refuse to itself pleasure to walk, albeit slightly awkward gait in high-heeled shoes. Fortunately though the pin socialite was able to change into more comfortable Shoe. «Chip» footwear sustainable and transparent, in the literal sense, heel.

Another fashion trend autumn began, so-called, boots-stockings. That is, the higher the better. The color of these boots can absolutely diverse – from bright shades of green and emerald to muted cherry and red.

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