What kind of clothes men like, what should be the dress of a woman

If you evaluate the preferences of men from a psychological point of view, given the depths of the human essence, they should appeal to exactly the kind of female clothes in their status they will never be able to wear. It includes lingerie, dresses, skirts and shoes that have high heel.

From the point of view of men, a woman who appreciates herself, should dress in clothes that will emphasize her sexuality, femininity and hide figure flaws.

What kind of clothes men like, what should be the dress of a woman

Consider the order of all aspects of women’s clothing from the point of view of men.

1. Women’s clothes should emphasize the sexuality.

That is the view expressed by the majority of men. But many women the concept of sexuality is associated with almost naked body, deep cleavage, stockings «fishnet» and a high heel, but it is not sexuality, but rather appeal to a certain kind of action.

Put on things not overt, but is able to emphasize your strengths, because this man does not look sexy super short mini skirt, Maxi skirt that has a side thigh-high slit, which during the movement only momentarily opens the graceful women’s legs and gives fantasy saw her husband. You can be sure that the rest of her imagination dorisovyvaet yourself and your spells will not let him go.

2. Women’s clothes should emphasize femininity.

As we have determined, the feminine is everything that can’t afford to wear men. They can endlessly pricked fancy women’s hats and many women’s things like bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings and brooches.

To the delight of the men gives a simple «rustic» style, consisting of sundresses or dresses made of light fabrics in combination with open shoes or sandals.

3. You need to pick up clothes on the figure.

This point again brings us back to man’s nature and instincts, because people will unconsciously prefer the woman slim waist, curvy hips and high Breasts. Such proportions are necessary in order for it to subsequently gave birth to and nourished healthy children. . Woman having a perfect figure, tight-fitting clothes will always be a stunning success in men.

But worry owners are not very ideal figures in our time, when modern fashion offers a huge freedom of choice and the ability to not only hide flaws, but to emphasize your strengths.

The most important point here is to choose outfits that suit you and emphasize the advantages of your figure.

4. Shoes with high heels.

Shoes, sandals, and boots high heels will make a woman’s silhouette slim, sublime and elegant. High heel is not only able to visually lengthen the leg, but also gives women a special procession, which makes on men an indelible impression, because they have attractive shake your hips to keep balance.

Thus, the ideal shoes, from a male point of view, women should be at a high stiletto heel with a height of 7 cm, with the block in the form of a boat, has a bright playful colors. By the way, the more open is the footwear, the more attractive it is for men.

5. The best fabrics and their colors.

It should be noted that most of the men prefer plain clothing is very colorful, because colorful and bright outfits visually destroying the integrity of the female figure and not focus on women’s virtues.

Color scheme

The idea that men are particularly attracted to the color black, not an absolute truth. Male hunters prefer bright colors, for example, the combination of black and red. The main principle in this case is the complete color harmony of clothing with the skin color of the woman’s hair and eyes.

As for underwear, then it really is better to choose black or red.

The texture of the fabrics

You want the fabric was soft to the touch and soft, such as velvet, Voile, silk, mohair and, of course, fur.

Fur is a material that wants to touch and stroke. It is considered a symbol of femininity, luxury and attractiveness, especially if it is natural.

Sexy and looks pretty spectacular leather clothing, provided that it is fitted on the figure and has a minimum of external finishes of foreign materials. It is advisable to wear leather clothes in dark colors, as it is more attractive to men.

6. Underwear.

According to 80% of men underwear should be beautiful. They are not only willing to admire the woman in luxury underwear, but even ready to participate in the selection. This is the only part of the female wardrobe, which is interesting to choose the man.

Studies of American psychologists prove conclusively that the owners of a large variety of linen less likely to cheat on men. And this is understandable because in nature men laid the variety of sexual relations and frequently changing its appearance with the help of lingerie a woman manages to maintain her sex appeal.

Underwear should be not just a lot, it must be different on styles and well-chosen color. Discard underwear gray, pink, brown, purple and blue hues. White color also does not inspire men, but in some cases it is associated with innocence and virginity.

7. Neatness and cleanliness are the main requirements of men to women clothing.

It is unlikely that it can produce a feeling of revulsion for a man than a dirty, carelessly sitting on the woman clothes. If under your coat, wearing a blouse with rhinestones, has the original neck, but it glows greasy dirty cuffs and collar, it is better not to remove their coats. Although this case will cause resentment not only among men but also many women. Probably, these cases provoked a negative reaction from men on the crimped fabric and ripped jeans. Men love a clean and well-groomed women.

Look closely at your closet: if there are no skirts and dresses, then you have lost much in the eyes of men. Bad, if there is no fitted jeans, preferably light colored.

According to sociologists, the influence of clothing on the strong half of humanity is so overrated precisely the women themselves. Most men pay more attention to the gait of a woman, her gestures, the ability to apply themselves, and most importantly, her smile.

But the rule of hairstyles and shoes when no matter what you’re wearing, would have been a stylish hairstyle and beautiful shoes still remains in effect.

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