What if the smell of new shoes

What if the smell of new shoes

Buying new clothes, many people are faced with a vexing problem — the smell of new shoes. Do not worry, because the cause of the «factory» smell does not necessarily lies in the quality of the shoes.

New the shoes smelly?

Smells bad footwear is not an exclusively male attribute. However, most men don’t care about smell, but women in any situation want to look perfect. It is important for us not only to successfully pick the colors of clothes and shoes, but also look neat and elegant. Most often the smell comes from the materials used in the manufacture of products.

Coming to a store is very difficult among a huge number of shoes to distinguish the smell of a particular product. Already at home, the buyer discovers that the new clothes from unpleasant smells. Unsightly, smell unpleasant problem, but completely solvable. Should provide emergency assistance to return the shoes pleasant scent, and buyer peace of mind and confidence.

Mandatory Shoe care: thorough airing, drying with the use of UV dryer that not only dries the inner surface of the product, but also kills various bacteria.

There are a number of ways of getting rid of unpleasant experiences.

Instructions for elimination of unpleasant smell from new shoes

1.First you need to find out the root cause of the odor. The product is made of artificial material smell sometimes occurs due to the use in the manufacture of shoes of poor quality components (synthetic leather, fake fur, cheap glue, synthetic linings). In this situation, would help the dryer with ozone generators, all kinds of deodorants and hygiene.

2. The smell can be caused by bacteria appearing in the socks of the product. Neutralize the smell, you should wash the product with soap and water, wipe with a vinegar solution, washed again (using ammonia) and dried. In addition, you can use a weak solution of manganese or peroxide of hydrogen. This procedure is repeated until the complete disappearance of the smell. Don’t forget all actions done carefully to avoid damaging your favorite pair of shoes with polka dots.

3. If the smell of new shoes due to microorganisms, for their destruction should apply a more radical method: it is necessary to pour the baking soda (flour or activated carbon) inside the unit on all night and in the morning the product is thoroughly vacuumed. You can freeze the shoes in the fridge.

4. Competent care need for new clothes made of suede and leather: after the operation of washing, drying (using a dryer with ozone generators) and airing out shoes.

5. To microorganisms not reproduce, but you are not overcome by the unpleasant smell, you can purchase replacement insoles are made from natural raw materials. They are able to absorb water and neutralize unwanted odors. Daily you have to remove their shoes, wash and dry.

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