What combination of purple clothes?

Purple color can be considered a clear and simple, he can sometimes play with the different shades of amethyst, and sometimes it can be velvety and deep as night. The purple colour mingled passion of red with the calmness of blue. The purple color many different shades. This intelligent and noble and not a simple color, it is not everyone will be able to obey, for this reason images with a violet color should be chosen very carefully.

Purple can be dark and depressing, and creative who is able to develop intuition and imagination. Clothes purple prefer artistic nature, a little sentimental and creative. Now we will present the most successful combinations of clothing purple.

Purple and white

This combination is quite bright and contrast, but also quite restrained. This combination is perfect for the office. You can complement your purple skirt with a white jacket or blouse. Well this combination will look in the summer and in the cold season, this outfit you can accessorize any warm colors, such as coral or plum. This fashionable combination of purple and white are more likely to choose for his bride.

Purple and black

This combination is considered a classic of business style. Here you can choose the classic combination of black bottom and purple top, Vice versa. If you don’t want to look quite dark, you can dilute your image with accessories in silver or gold colors, and can choose shoes with bright colors such as yellow or blue. Perfect this combination for special occasions.

Purple and grey

The purple color is able to add mystery and spice to a neutral gray. These cool colors will perfectly complement each other, and in this regard can be combined in any colors. In order for your character to be more interesting, can choose a more vivid shade of purple colors such as Magenta or fuchsia. As for gray, this combination should use a light gray color without the green and yellow. For evening dresses is best to opt for a silver or gray color with Shine.

Purple and beige

This combination is perfect for those, who thinks purple is very dark. With the addition of beige or sand color purple will look easier and easier. With a beige color will look purple with a reddish hue, such as purple, purple — red, crimson, and Bordeaux. Such outfits more suited for fall.

Purple and yellow

Very unexpected and even a daring combination can not attract attention to himself. In this combination the brighter yellow, the more intense purple. This combination stylists told nature, one should recall the well-known flowers called «Pansy». This combination will look great at any time of the year.

Purple and pink

These related colors perfectly complement each other, but they should be careful not to overload the image. In combination with purple color is an original look coral or orange-pink hue. This combination will suit fair-haired women with a cool skin tone. With amethyst and ink shades will look great bright pink color.

Purple and blue

Very harmonious with purple color will look blue, especially the shades similar to purple, for example, electric blue, Indigo and mulberry. Although with similar shades can create a boring image. So to avoid such situation, it is best to dilute such a combination of something light and bright.

Purple and green

This combination is one of the most harmonious. To various shades of purple are perfect celadon, and emerald, but green and grassy would look in maroon and Magenta color. And the most successful for purple turquoise, which is the best way to jog purple.

Purple and brown

The best combination with brown is a combination with light shades of purple such as lilac, violet, amethyst, and heliacally and others. All shades of brown, medium-bodied will look great with scarlet and maroon, and chocolate and dark tints should be combined with purple and pink-purple.

Violet and purple or blue

Purple color has always ennobled the lighter shades, especially if they are close in color. For this reason, you can combine any shades of these colors. These combinations look romantic and gentle and perfect for every day and for special occasions.

Purple and red or orange

This combination of something like the combination with yellow, it’s bright and quite unexpected. This combination will be appropriate in any clothes.

With purple don’t mix

Opposite purple in the color wheel are yellow and orange, in this regard, this combination will not always look good. This is especially true of cold shades of these colors. But light shades suitable for any shades of purple.

Using the versatility of purple it can be combined with almost any colors to create bright and unforgettable images.

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