What combination of different models mini skirts?

Among the huge number of clothes of any girl there mini skirt. A well-known fact that it causes such rapid interest and the negative reaction of others. To avoid such statements in their favor, it is only necessary to harmoniously combine an outfit that will attend the mini skirt of any style. The following tips will help you look your best in this item of clothing, drawing the eyes of a strong half.

What combination of different models mini skirts?

Most girls prefer denim mini skirts. All the famous designers among the collections of skirts are sure to find a denim mini skirt. Mini skirt of such a practical material goes well with any top.

Enough to determine for what event to gather. For example, going to the movies with friends or for a stroll along the waterfront, is the perfect combination of denim mini skirt with a loose plaid shirt. With this top you can play and tie the ends of the blouse at the waist. Will complete the image of the wedge. To go to a night club, perfect mini skirt made from jeans in the company of top bright sequins.

The least popular model among girls is a pleated mini skirt. If your choice fell on this model, pay special attention to the length. This point is important since, often in a whirl of shopping instead of pleated mini skirt you may mistakenly purchase a micro skirt. This model mini skirt is perfect for office work in conjunction with shoes to go low. Top this outfit can be classically austere. For example, you can wear a plain tight top with a high neck.

Remember that if pleated mini skirt bright colors, you should pick up a top in dark colors or Vice versa. Will look great pleated mini skirt in a company with a long blouse. Completes the leather strap, elegant, buttoned at the waist.

Air model flared mini skirts are the «highlight» of the collection of the famous brands from this season’s fashion, such as Proenza Schouler, Moschino and Cavalli. This model of mini skirts perfect match with blouses and tops made of light thin fabrics. Among them are silk, chiffon, taffeta etc.

To bring the image of integrity and seriousness light will help slim strap in the hips and colorful cowboy boots on the legs.

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