What color goes with purple?

Purple – the color of the mysterious and unusual, both light and deep, calm and bright. What mix lilac looks best and all suitable? How to choose colors for that outfit looks perfect and has emphasized the femininity and beauty of its owner?

What color goes with purple?

With purple color is not as simple as it seems at first glance. It has some nuances that must be considered in order to create a truly harmonious ensemble, which uses a combination of lilac and other colors.

The color purple has the following main colors: bright purple, pale lilac, lilac amethyst, lavender and lilac itself.

The lilac color is one of the classic. It is feminine, romantic and mysterious. This color is very sophisticated and elegant. It is not bright and has a medium density, well combined with the same not bright, but rich tones of red, pink, purple, ochre and yellow-brown and red-brown shades.

Airy and delicate pale purple tones perfectly complement the hair color and the beauty of the skin. This color is perfect for outfit designed for walking and recreation. For a business suit he had little fits and looks inappropriate in the workplace. Pale lilac color goes best with similar pale and delicate tones with higher saturation. Come to purple, pink, Magenta, mint, blue, Golden beige and similar shades of light brown.

Very expressive is full of bright lilac tone. But it is necessary to be careful – it might not suit everyone. Using the ensemble, where there is this color, you should pay attention to how it is combined with the color of the hair and skin. This shade is suitable saturated, bright colors: red, pink, yellow, orange, blue, green, blue, brown, light brown.

Very distinctive rich blue color. Is the color bold and bright girls. He does not tolerate peace and loves contrasts. These clothes do not wear, going to work, they are relevant when you want to attract attention, to intrigue with its mystery. With a lavender hue, you need to combine contrast colors: pearl pink, toxic green, grape, dark brown, beige and pale shades of yellow and orange.

Lilac amethyst attracts impurities contained therein, reddish and pink tones. This is a very sexy shade that has a dynamic and playful nature. It is also not appropriate in the workplace and is well suited for daily life, Hiking, sports. This color goes well with rich and relaxing shades: honeysuckle, beige, blue, brown and light orange.

Every shade of lilac is distinctive and has its own character and its own mood. But to make your selection will not be as difficult when you consider all the above recommendations.

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