What color clothes go for blondes?

Colors of clothing should be optional to match the color of the skin. Here the main point in the choice is considered to be suitable clothing to hair color.

Find out which color will fit to your hairstyle. In the colors as the science of colors, there is the concept of universal colours, they adjust the basis of colour and complement the subtle colors, making the color composition is completed. Prepared a series of articles that will tell you what colors of clothes suit of a particular lady and how to choose the clothing, given the color and shade. First of course start with the blondes.

In the Arsenal of the blondes has a huge selection range of colors that look great. But here we must be very careful not to overdo it-too-bright tones or on the contrary dark. Based on this, following are some tips on these issues.

Starting with the dark colors, not to mention that this is the opposite of the appearance of the blonde, creating a certain contrast. Your blonde hair will fit both dark and pure black color. Of course, brunettes are just going to blend in with black or with dark shades of colors. In this outfit it’s time to be in mourning ceremonies or to be a spy in the dark. A clear contrast blondes creates an expressive picture. And if in addition to blond hair, light skin, it only enhances the effect of contrast.

Among the border flowers in the colors of one of the main is considered to be gray. It was not showiness, the practical. Because of these qualities, grey is pretty popular and is considered an everyday color. This color is perfect for blondes. It is combined with another colour, e.g. pink. Gray with pink is a good choice. Blond ladies in such a contrast will look beautiful and unusual.

Also consider the color Safari. One of the bright representatives of the Golden mean. In the summer season, is considered one of the most popular colors. Does he have the familiar beautiful shades of olive, beige, cream, brown. It emphasizes General view of the original cut of the clothing and accessories. Thus, playing with contrast, you will achieve the optimal option in color schemes. As mentioned above, look stunning will help all kinds of accessories – a bag, tied a scarf around his neck, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Great idea for blondes will be presented in the color «Royal blue». This shade is distinguished by its creaminess, richness and depth.

Royal blue gives the blondes a special luster and charm. Do not forget to tell about a couple of favorite colors among women – is red and pink. They also look good on blonde women. In any case, these colors create the mood, style and occasion, and the Golden glow and bright glare in Sunny weather, will only increase the contrast and vibrancy.

The green color is more fussy in this regard. Reflected in the bright hair, it is able to absorb, absorb all the beauty of Golden yellow flowers. Considering the effect of mixing colors, then we can get on the head of a marsh shade. That will look certainly not aesthetically pleasing. Pick up here should be extremely cautious. Here the image is complemented by other parts of the same accessories, scarves, edgings, etc. Green color is a little dull. Great version of the olive shade and grass.

In addition, blond women just suitable light, pastel colors. They appear in such garments it is very touching and sweet. In a palette consists of beige, vanilla, cream color, champagne color and pastel shades of blue, blue, pink, green, turquoise, sea green etc.

Mostly blondes should avoid bright orange color (especially blue-eyed ladies), yellow (hate yellow it the color of the hair, especially dyed blondes), ignoring it, you turn into one orange yellow clot. There will be a full merger, as well as brunettes with darker shades.

Valuable advice

Keep in mind that all of the above is relative landmarks in the color palette of this ancient science of like coloring. In fact, under the label of «blonde» hiding many shades of hair. That will suit platinum blonde, absolutely can not go to the girl with the Golden hair. Also important are the color of the iris and the hue of the skin. Experiment and find what best suits you.

Below in the photo gallery you will see what colors of clothing go blondes:

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