What better to wear pastel colors?

What better to wear pastel colors?

One of the main trends of the 2017 season are pastel shades, which can be used as the basis for your wardrobe. However, some women do not get yourself pastel things only because I don’t know what to wear them. Everything is very simple. And today we will tell you how and what to wear with pastel clothes.


To create a successful monochrome pastel way, you can opt for a single color of clothing and accessories. While a pastel can be a dress or a few components of clothing. As long as everything was designed in one color. This season especially fashionable are sky blue and pale pink shades that have been recognized as the main colors the Pantone Institute.

Pastel and pastel

Well between a combination of different pastel shades. To successfully pick the hues, you should use the style of color block. And in order to pastel shades well combined among themselves, your clothing should consist of straight lines. In clothing, where a lot of different finishes and small details, work the color-block will not.

Pastels and white

In the selection of clothing in pastel shades the most important thing – do not overdo it, to not come out of a marshmallow. Soothe your garments can neutral color such as white. You can also white accessories to decorate your dress with pastel colors.

Pastel and black

With black and pastel colors will be the perfect accompaniment. You can add a blouse, vest or jacket, the pastel colors of black trousers. In this combination you will look like a real lady. Combining pastels with a neutral color, you can never go wrong. Well, if you think black color is too dramatic, you can successfully replace it with grey.

Pastel and saturated colors

In order to successfully dilute your pastel image, you use clothing more saturated colors. A bit of brightness can be added by using the accessories, for example, can be diluted pastel pink image red bag. Can you combine green jacket and jeans mint color.

Pastel and contrasting colors

To create a creative way and also to avoid excessive sweets, you can, combining a contrasting color. For example, will look fine pastel pink skirt and green jumper. As well it will look like a combination of red and sky blue.

Pastel and bright print

Beautifully combined pastel with different prints. In the pattern must be present pastel color identical to the main one. And although it is now in fashion floral print to not look old-fashioned, pastel it should not be combined. Better to give preference to abstract or humorous patterns.

Pastel accessories

If you combine the pastel colors you do not, try to start with accessories. For example, pick a hat or bag pastel color. The image in black color will perfectly diluted pale pink bag or color mint. Will look great in this outfit the necklace pastel color.

Pastel and denim

Wear pastel colors goes well with denim. Well look jeans paired with a pale pink shirt. And do not think that the bed is created exclusively for the summer. In cool weather, you can wear jeans together with a coat or sweater pastel color.

Pastel and coffee or beige

The pastel goes well with coffee or beige shades. They can curb your character and make your image neutral. Beige and coffee shades are perfectly combined with pink, green or lavender pastel color.

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