What and how to wear white in the fall and winter

White color , almost all associate with summer and warm season, in the hottest time of the year it is best we look pants in white, blouse and other white accessories. White color is perfectly highlighted by a light tan, and, of course, every girl wants to do this accent. Because bronze tan acquired during a vacation, lasts not so long. Actually white is not a summer shade to wear white dresses and white jeans even in winter.

White is the color of winter

Looking at the white snow out of the window, very easy to understand that the white color is perfectly combined with a low temperature of winter.

The first thing you should consider, wear this classic sweater from soft wool with a high shawl collar. This thing will never lose its relevance, it should be in every woman’s closet.

The answer to the question, how can you wear white pants in the winter, to find not so easy, because the slush and rain can turn trousers of white color in gray and dirty. How to find a way out of this situation? It’s very simple, winter white jeans to tuck into boots or uggs. There is no need to abandon the jackets of white color are the most important, so they can be washed.

In addition to white sweaters, dresses, jackets, white color is also great for accessories, bags, clutches of small size, which you can take with you on a romantic date. Also need to mention the scarves of white color, with gloves that will go perfectly with a coat of dark color.

If you really like white color, it is not necessary to surrender, it can be worn even in cold weather, and most importantly, do not be afraid and should try different combinations.

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