Weight loss secrets Ciara

Famous singer Ciara not long ago gave birth to a son. However, in less than six months after the baby is born, she has impressed us with its elegant figure. How she managed to achieve such results? Ciara decided to reveal their secrets. It turned out that nothing out of the ordinary she did not. The main condition is the persistence and regularity:

«During pregnancy, I decided not to limit itself in meal, otherwise I would have felt bad. But as soon as the doctors allowed me to play sports, I started running on the treadmill every day.»

Chief assistant Ciara was Gunnar Peterson, the famous coach of the world stars of show business. He introduced her to pilomatrical.

«I jumped up and fought an hour, and then added two cardio workout. And so every day. And on account of the restrictions in food, I had no problems. I have carefully controlled their diet and almost immediately began to get results. In addition, yoga helps me. Since the morning I make a few vertical asanas – it invigorates not worse than coffee. And separately several times a week. That’s all the secrets».

Unfortunately, this recipe is not suitable for all young mothers. If you have problems with your heart or joints, you should look for another option.

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