Wedding fashion 2017

Every girl since childhood dreams of a Prince on a white horse, and a posh wedding with him. But girls a lot, but princes and not enough. But there are great guys that drag girls pigtails, but in the soul dream to meet his Princess. When finally the boy and girl meet, there is still one half conceived from childhood a desire – a luxurious wedding. No matter what you’re not 5 years old and that you don’t believe in fairy tales. You have your «Prince» and a beautiful ceremony needs to be.

Wedding is an unforgettable event. To him start to prepare in advance. After all, everything must be perfect and perfectly.

Especially hard in this day the bride. It is brought out. It is most exposed postsvideo discussion. The bride needs to love themselves and their relatives. In addition she has an important mission — she needs to impress the family of the groom.

Our today’s article will help the girl who plans to marry a serious relationship with a stamp in the passport, look in this festive day not only feminine, but also stylish and fashionable. We will advise you how to plan the image as a whole. Look at wedding dresses and shoes. Be sure to hook the subject as an important component of the wedding as veils and discuss other interesting wedding hair accessories.

Wedding dress

The most coveted in the wedding outfit of the bride dress. It should be really elegant and breathtaking. After this exciting day every bride seeks to be beautiful, delicate and feminine. And, accordingly dress it tends to choose the same – charming, cute, elegant.

Therefore, it is popular among brides white – the color of innocence, purity and innocence. The Goddess of Love Aphrodite was born from sea-foam white, and this color is the truth of it. So we can say that white is the color of love. That is why the white wedding dress colour most brides.

This year has not contributed to the color of the dress special adjustments. White color in wedding fashion 2017 remains in its pure form, and slightly tinted beige, milky, blue and pink shades. One word pastel colors as close to snow-white. Rich colors can be just jewelry and decors – belts, embroideries, silver thread. Now let’s look at the major wedding trends to 2017.

Fishnet dress

Lace fabric and outfits this year are especially in demand. After all the fashion weeks designers of lace fabrics did a lot of dresses, blouses, skirts and other products. Wedding dress is no exception. A lot of creators have used mesh and lace to decorate the back or neckline of the dresses. Also can be laced sleeves. It looks very sexy, but at the same time gently. Lace can give a special charm. From them emanates fragility and subtlety.

Lace can be white but may be silver. Of them can create even a whole dress. That is, they can be as decoration, and material for sewing a one-piece wedding dresses. Then it will be a refined and very rich in appearance.

Wedding fashion dresses 2017 and allows short and long sleeve. The dress can be as subtle and visible spaghetti straps or strapless Vose. Attire with small sleeves will create the image of an innocent and modest bride. Lace especially draw attention to those parts of the body where they are located. So if you have beautiful elegant hands, you may allocate them using crochet.

Very gently and looks elegant dress with an open back. On the back can be mesh and buttons in a row along the back, which visually elongate the figure and emphasize the elegance and harmony of back. This dress looks incredibly feminine (photo above). Also the dress can be decorated with a plume. Train is another stylish solution for a bride in 2017. But about all under the order.

So to sum up.

With a tracery of lace fabric you can draw attention to back, neck or arms. Can also on your wedding to wear a lace dress that will definitely set you apart from many other brides. Lace is always magical because they look mysterious, dreamy and very expensive. And we are very happy that mod 2017, they take up a lot of space.

Dress with train

Brides love to buy dresses with trains. These dresses side by side go with the fishnet. Because the plumes are very often designers make lace. The tail adds a special charm to the product. The wedding dress always looks elegant. And while walking in this dress is a bit tricky, the trail sometimes you need to hold still it’s worth it. At fashion shows beauty parade in such dresses.

In addition, the plume may be different. It can be longer or shorter, rounded or rectangular. Moreover, it can go either from the waist or from the hemline of the dress. Some designers make it stretches from the sleeves. Can choose the train at its discretion, any dress beautiful and stylish in wedding fashion 2017.

The trail attracts special attention, and stresses mouth-watering shape of the bride. So often a dress tight hips and raskladyvaetsya down. Most often designers do it with an open back. Then lengthening the rear and a cutout at the back look very harmoniously.

In short, if you want your wedding to be like Princess train will be able to cope with this mission as no one else is better.

Dress with open back

The plumes that we’ve moved on to dresses with open back. The bride 2017 is a delicate, graceful girl, with an inherent part of sexuality and eroticism. If you’re confident, you have a beautiful figure, gentle soul and passionate nature, you can look for dresses that are bare back.

This version of the dress very good for summer wedding. You will be more comfortable, and besides all the beauty you don’t have to hide under a Bolero or coat. Besides, such a dress this year are stylish, because many designers for their fashion shows were these a little cocky, but incredibly feminine.

Dress with deep neckline

But open and demonstrate to not only the back. If you have gorgeous Breasts, you can choose a dress with a plunging neckline.

What is good such a dress so that you can highlight your lovely shape. Formfitting dress with a deep neckline will guarantee you admiring glances at the wedding ceremony.

Dress with a deep neckline looks gorgeous. Its decoration can be also fishnet fabric. But in itself, this dress (even without the decorations) might look great. Quite beautiful openwork belt, which will emphasize the elegance of the waist. Under a dress and necklace you can not wear. Decoration of it is very deep triangular neckline.

Dress with sheer skirt

For very brave brides designers offer the option of transparent skirts. If you can not boast of an ample bosom, but you have beautiful smooth legs, then you can try it a dress.

Wedding fashion 2017 generally slightly liberated. It shows every feminine charms. Therefore, the bride looks really feminine and elegant.

Very beautiful with transparent skirt looks long sleeve dress. Then it seems that the bride moderately modest, but in a measure sincere. This outfit requires minimal jewelry. Simply lift the hair in a modest hairstyle, and you’ll be a wonderful slightly outspoken maid.

Dress made from smooth fabrics

But not all wedding dresses 2017 openwork and decorated. Some models designers was smooth materials. Basically, the styles of these dresses Greek. It seems the Greek Goddess of love Aphrodite in this dress: modest, long and straight.

Dress made from smooth fabrics looks kind of simple, but still it is the highlight. It is the tailoring. A dress sure to have something that takes focus. It could be the belt, could be flowers on the dress can be short sleeve. It looks well-behaved and extremely beautiful. If you chose a dress in the Greek style, bell bottom he will start from his chest.

But maybe dress made from smooth tissues and are not «Greek», then bell can go, even from the waist line. In any case you will look restrained, beautiful and stylish.

Sometimes dresses made of smooth fabrics designers adorn a delicate thin veil which acts as a kind of cloak. The skirt can be not only direct, it can be decorated with folds which freely fall. The result is a very light, airy and relaxed. The bride looks really innocent. The cloak acts as a kind of second dress. Very nice if the Cape fastens at the neck front, and hand made eyelets.

Dress with pockets

Interesting and pretty cool looks wedding dress 2017, which have pockets. A classic dress will look original with this bit of men’s jewelry.

Girls who have an opinion and are not afraid to look ridiculous and funny it can choose a very original decor pocket. After all, they are perfectly able to live side by side with the bows on one dress, bringing its own flavor.

Pockets on a wedding dress any conservative and understated wedding outfit is able to turn into unusual. The image generally looks in two ways: very feminine thanks to the veil, but at the same time the male element adds a unisex style, which in 2017 at the peak of its popularity. Even more will give the same effect dress with pockets and strap, which is similar to the male. That’s just all together looks quite nice and unusual.


Still looks very unusual dress, the skirt of which is a long slit along the legs. We have already said that open their gorgeous slender legs at the wedding, you can use dresses that Shine at the bottom. But here we come to another way. The cut can be Central or lateral. Some designers make dresses with slits on both sides.

Dress can be as delicate and smooth fabrics. Both looks very beautiful, elegant and refined. Smooth the fabric look a little harsh. But this strictness smooths this long cut, which opens the beauty of women’s legs. But note that under such a dress need to carefully choose shoes. She will be paid no less than the dresses themselves.

Two skirts

Another trend in wedding fashion 2017 – two skirts. This year, all in the fashion of layering. In everyday life, designers are advised to wear skirts dresses and pants. Wedding fashion this trend has not bypassed.

To be original can for his own wedding to wear two skirts. One of them can be magnificent, the second is more narrow. One can be delicate, the other just fatinovy. Dress with two skirts a bit like a dress with a train. But it differs from it. Mandatory conditions dresses with two skirts is that these two skirts were visible and stood out.

Decor dresses flowers and feathers

Their wedding masterpieces designers decorate in different ways. But special attention we would like to take the 3-D flowers on the dress and feathers. And the first and second give the image of lightness and romance. Flowers in the meadow bloom wild bloom. Basically, they tone wedding dresses or very close in color. There are bright and contrasting, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

Wedding fashion 2017

Feathers and flowers lend a lightness to the image of the bride. And is this not the most important thing? Decorated designers as a skirt and simply decorated with individual feathers skirt or corset in haenam order. Maybe this dress looks a bit of an edge, but it is special and very stylish.

Quinceanera dresses

As you can see, mostly designers recommend brides 2017 to wear tight dresses that accentuate the figure and a little open feminine charms. But not quite forgotten and magnificent wedding dress.

Only those who like the comfort of skirts should be aware that in 2017 fashionable is not the number of skirts, and their browniest. Skirts have to go tiered. That is the dress we get magnificent due to the fact that shorter longlines are superimposed on each other.

Another option puffy wedding dresses 2017 – simple skirt that goes well with an interesting top. To separate them may stylish delicate silk belt at the waist. It’s just got to be gentle and refined: and lace, and the skirt and the belt.

Lush can be only the lower part of the skirt. Like a mermaid – tail dress extended downward. This dress is in principle already familiar sight, but it is still chic and elegant.


For those brides who want to look elegant and stylish, we suggest to turn to the classics. Dresses with minimal details and decorations can be a great replacement of all the openwork. These dresses do not have plunging necklines, they are not decorated with 3-D flowers. They are different. But that’s their style.

These dresses can be lush, and sit on the figure. The bride looks strange. Like and businesslike, but on the other hand juicy. Such dresses do not look light and airy. They look aristocratic.

For wedding gowns with minimal jewelry often requested by brides to be older. But stylish young people frequently opt for the simplicity and elegance. The decoration of this dress can be simply a ribbon or a belt. But the minimalism is already a very big decoration.

Short wedding dress and wedding suit

Do not deny against the designers and short wedding dresses. Short dresses are curvy and narrow. Looks good little extension in the back for a short dress. Their short masterpieces of the designers made from expensive fabrics and beautiful decorated with collars, bows, flowers, belts, and fishnet inserts.

As a short bride wedding dress successfully choose the wedding pant suits. Maybe it’s not the most popular of the bride dress, but it does occur. It any girl stand out among other brides. Some pants designers «dress» skirt and was doing a kind of dress. But as the dress suit for the wedding should be white.

Trendy wedding shoes

Every year more and more appreciated comfort. In fashion, this rule also applies. Any fashion – casual, business or festive gala to be comfortable. This is especially true of shoes.

Wedding – this event is on the bride and groom. Very frustrating, if wedding shoes hard pressed and pressed. Too high a heel, too bad. This creates discomfort and a lot of inconvenience. But in any case, the shoes should be. And they should be beautiful. Therefore, selection of, like it or not, obliged to attend the wedding.

Your wedding shoes can be pure white, and can be supplemented by other soft pastel colors. Beige, light beige and pink tones, perfect for a Bridal look. Like dresses, shoes designers also decorated with lace and mesh.

Fashion goes in circles, and now we have again a popular model of the past 70 years. For lovers of vintage style, you can pick shoes with wide heel.

Designers of course decorate your ideas, but this decor is discreet and modest. Decorations can be on the mattress or on the back of the shoes.

For wedding it is possible to wear pumps and shoes with open toes. In the fall under a new dress elegant ankle boots, and a winter – white fur boots.

Hair ornament

Undoubtedly, along with the dress in importance of presence at the wedding is wearing a veil. This year’s fashion both long and short veils. Very beautiful veil if the bezel is embellished with delicate embroidery or lace inserts. This year the accessory of the bride should be elegant and original.

Often, in addition to veils, the girls adorn the head more wreaths of beautiful flowers or a silver diadem. Wreaths in General are in great demand among brides. They make the image of the innocent and especially attractive.

If you didn’t marry for the first time, then you may not use a veil, and hat. Also tiara or headband can be an independent decoration of the head. That is, in the case of rim and tiaras, veils may or may not be. It depends on your desire.

Wedding fashion 2017 advised to adhere to personal preferences in the choice of accessories.

Importantly, the image was tender and exciting. Brides can at its discretion choose a veil and headbands. They can be white, silver and bright contrasting colors. But most often the designers used a hair decoration to match the dress, or very close in tone.

Looks very nice a single flower in her hair. The bride with this adornment looks very gentle and amazingly beautiful.

Also, the bride can simply decorate your hair with beautiful hairpins. For example in the photo below the bride’s hairstyle designed in the Greek style, and adorned with two original studs. Youth and looks fashionable.

Wedding fashion 2017

But nothing compares with the refined and exquisite veil. Easy image that it creates actually looks very exciting and anxious. Long or simply short fishnet mesh, which is slightly covering her face perfectly give an innocent image of the bride.

Also gently looks hair ornament barrettes with feathers. We have said that the feathers in wedding fashion 2017 take up very little space. But they can decorate not only dresses. Hair, shoes and other accessories with feathers will make a perfect culmination of the wedding image.

Wedding fashion 2017

Bride 2017 can not be afraid to experiment. If you have this year planned a wedding, then you are very lucky. Because fashion 2017, almost nothing is prohibited. But remember that everything should be in moderation. Don’t forget the graceful and delicate image of the bride.

Everything should be balanced: and dress, and hairstyle, and bouquet, and makeup, and manicures. Be sure to check the trends of fashion in 2017, the make-up and painted on the nails you can safely proceed to the design of the image you’ve been dreaming of since childhood. And then you’ll be a real Princess, and your husband will be for you a real Prince.

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