Wedding dresses with stones

A wedding dress embroidered with stones, and can turn any bride into a charming, magical and literally a sparkling Queen. Iridescent patterns of stones on the dress will be perfect tandem for the hair, veil or crown. They can change drastically, even the most simple clothes to turn them into elegant and very attractive. If A complement the dress is embroidered lace with stones, it will add a romantic girl, emphasizing her innocence and making the wedding truly special. These dresses never go out of fashion and always relevant.

Dresses for wedding with Swarovski stones

Speaking of wedding dress, it should be noted the status of luxurious outfits with Swarovski crystals. They are always characterized by an elegant design and luxurious fabrics, as only the best materials are worthy of jewelry and diamonds. Depending on your personal wishes and characteristics of the shape, you can choose:

Luxury wedding dresses Princess with corset stones that will allow every woman to feel like a native Royal family.

Sexy, figure-hugging dresses mermaid embroidered with glittering stones throughout.

Straight wedding dress in the Empire style with embroidered stones on the dress.

Usually stones includes not only the corset, but the skirt with the dress. In addition, the stone can be used in the belt or bow. Looks really good stones in the lower part of the lace dresses.

The latest collection of fashion wedding presents, along with white wedding dresses and color with Swarovski stones. Black, red, blue, dark blue, pink, green, blue — the choice for every taste. The combination of stone and bright saturated, or Vice versa, soft tones, creating a strange and mysterious images. The app can become, handbag, gloves, wedding veil tone on tone, embroidered with Swarovski stones.

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