Wedding dresses Naeem Khan 2017

Wedding dresses Naeem Khan 2017

For a dress Naeem Khan? For bright and bold individuals who don’t like excessive modesty and minimalism in clothes. Fashionable knows that the Russians cherish a secret craving for luxurious things, they love to flaunt outfits for any occasion. That’s why there is confidence in the success of the collection of wedding dresses from Naeem Khan for spring 2017.

In dresses from the Naeem Khan show Shine, vibrance, brightness Asia and the elegant sobriety of the West. Talent — the ability to combine seemingly two opposite style. These qualities stand out wedding dresses Naeem Khan from the crowd of similar outfits. The bride is literally shiny, but not vulgar.

Compare the wedding dresses collection by Naeem Khan and Vera Wang. Which designers affects the luxury and richness of dress? Undoubtedly, the championship here at Naeem Khan, a great designer, he continued this profession in the third generation, because my grandfather and father Naeem Khan, being tailors, were dressed in luxurious outfits of women from the upper strata of society in India.

Naeem Khan from an early age was interested in the fabrics, their textures. Not surprisingly, in a family business the young man was the most involved. A great contribution to the formation of the future designer introduced his mother, who had exquisite taste and style. It is for these women creates clothes Naeem Khan — for elegant, who know their value beauties. He is worthy of continuing the work of his grandfather and father tailors Indian Maharaja.

Thanks to the ornaments of bugles and beads, ostrich feathers, fine embroidery, skillfully made by hand, the dress doesn’t just sparkle — they are unique.

Below in the photo gallery you will find wedding dresses Naeem Khan 2017 :

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