Wedding dress with pearls

Wedding dress with pearls is evidence of the excellent taste of its owner. Pearls came into Vogue in the early last century. All the famous actress wore a beautiful pearl jewelry. And famous Coco Chanel made it her absolute favorite.

Pearls on the wedding dress creates a very delicate ornament, giving the outfit a special solemnity. However, the dress is still very feminine, emphasizing the beauty of the bride. If the wedding dress is very moderately embroidered with pearls, you can add a string of beads or earrings that will add sophistication and charm.

Particular finding in the design of wedding dress bead embroidery. It creates a discreet and unobtrusive pattern. You can allocate any specific part or completely to embroider the wedding dress with beads. If you are planning a wedding in certain colors, the wedding dress is very appropriate to embroider with beads of the same color. In this case, the owner of the dress dictates not only the style, but also carries the idea of celebration.

You can choose any technique of embroidery. If the main element of the dress is lace, then decorated with patterns on the office of the beads, it will look more voluminous. In addition, beads can be embroidered lace details to decorate their veil, train, the hem of the dress. If the dress is made of silk or satin, here are a large number of options.

You can randomly decorate the dress with beads — this will give the appearance of diamonds. To highlight the specific details for example, chest area, waist line, hem dress, and other details. To dream and invent your own unique pattern.

Beaded embroidered wedding dress look art. Through proper selection of beads, including color, outfit can make a modest and restrained, but you can give it a luxury and pomposity. The main thing — correctly to place accents.

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