Wedding dress – 2013. What will it be?

2013 make happy You such an important event like a wedding? Then rather proceed to the main — choice of wedding dress! Leading fashion designers have already identified trends in wedding fashion for the next year, presenting dresses for the celebration at fashion weeks in new York and Barcelona. What does a fashion guru at this time?

First of all, bright colored dresses.

Wedding dress – 2013. What will it be?

The wedding dress noble white is undeniably classic. But rather tired. Besides, not all girls white color fits perfectly. Now you can safely go down the aisle in blue, pink or caramel dress. The real hit of bright red dresses from Vera Wang. If You are not afraid of experiments and love to surprise – choose a dress. By the way, last year Faith suggested black wedding suit, which caused considerable shock and a long discussion in the press.

From color go to the style.

Wedding dress – 2013. What will it be?

Last season, designers offer a deep cut out back. In 2013, the cut will not go away, but now it is covered with a subtle light lace. It is decorated with rich embroidery, small bright buttons or beads, appliqués, sequins. Lace inset makes the dress in the attire of an aristocrat, while making the image of the bride fragile and chaste.

Still actual peplum dresses made of heavy fabrics and decorated with exquisite drape.

Wedding dress – 2013. What will it be?

This model visually makes the waist thinner, hides wide hips and belly, if he stands for. Legs in a dress seem longer. A very advantageous variant, that’s why the music and movie stars choose peplum dresses to be different ceremonies. What prevents You to feel like a star?

Lace is the obvious classic wedding dresses.

Wedding dress – 2013. What will it be?

And the lace sleeves on the dresses for the wedding has almost passed into the category of «vintage». Most designers offer in 2013 wedding dresses with sleeves made of the finest lace. In this dress the bride will feel like a real Queen. In addition, the owner dresses with lace sleeves will be beneficial to stand out from the usual brides in dresses with bare shoulders and back.

I wish to add to the wedding more mysterious? Then choose a dress in the dense case, which is composed entirely of lace and decorated with handmade embroidery. In this dress the bride will look very gently and subtly.

If You are one of those who do not like to restrict the freedom of movements of clothing, do not worry — for You designers have created a dress-transformer.

Wedding dress – 2013. What will it be?

Defended the ceremony in an elegant dress with a train, You can easily get rid of unnecessary items, capes, plumes, sleeveless – just removing them. And already comfortable in a short dress to go to a party to celebrate a wedding on. This is a very convenient option, and more economical. After all, You not only buy a wedding dress for one day and luxurious evening dress that you can wear for a long time.

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