Wearable skinny jeans

Always, trying a new thing, think about how it will go well from an existing wardrobe. Every type of clothing has secrets they need to consider when creating your wardrobe.

Their rules are and wearing skinny jeans.

Wearable skinny jeans

Jeans this silhouette is ideal for women with a rectangle or figure eights. But women with the figure of a triangle or pear shaped you need to abandon the narrow type of jeans.

The combination of clothes

Tapered jeans are a perfect match for the vests and tops, t-shirts, different kinds shirts, and denim jackets and military style jackets. If you wear skinny jeans with a sweater whose sleeve length 3/4, your body will be visually more elongated. This effect is important girls who want to seem a little higher.

Shoes for skinny jeans. For this type of jeans perfect shoes, ballet flats and heels or high platform.

Accessories for tapered jeans. For jeans with a high waist for a good fit and the wide waistband or belt, as the drop-waist is combined narrow remeshek leather with studs or tassels on the ends. If you wear skinny jeans, you can take a bag of medium or big size, clutch bag or even a backpack depending on the situation.

It should be remembered that the owners of the fuller figure you should choose darker colors in clothing. Important length jeans, because the shortened model visually shorten legs and give extra volume.

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