Wear wide-leg jeans

When wearing wide jeans should adhere to certain rules.

These jeans are suitable for women and girls, with a figure in the shape of a rectangle, triangle, or eight (slim figure). Those women, a figure which is similar to Apple or pear should not wear wide-leg jeans.

The combination of wide jeans

Very nice these jeans look great with a white shirt, shirt and jacket with a floral print. In addition, wide-leg jeans are very well combined with blouses, turtlenecks, jackets and short trench. If necessary, a white shirt can be combined with top or vest. Preference is given any other clothes, does not open the abdomen: the jacket zipper, vest, t-shirt with a hoodie and light jacket. The best choice in a pair of wide jeans will become denim vest or short jacket made of denim.

The choice of shoes to wide jeans

You must understand that the wide-leg jeans visually shorten the length of your legs and along with that make the hips fuller. In this regard, low girls are encouraged to wear a wide-leg jeans, platform shoes, and quite tall girls are best suited for such jeans shoes with low soles or ballet shoes.

Accessories, which are combined with wide jeans

Very nice will look with wide jeans, berets and scarves, large sunglasses and classic belts with buckle brown color.

In any case it is not necessary to wear jeans with a short top or a large blouse. It will look sloppy and additionally add fullness.

If necessary, you can increase the sexiness of his appearance, with tucked the wide leg jeans and wearing a fitted sweater and ballet flats.

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