Wear jeans with low waist

If you have already identified a suitable cut jeans, then you should definitely pay attention to the location of the waist in the pants, the waist can be high or low. And in case you purchase your second option is to adhere to certain rules of wearing such jeans.

This cut fit jeans for those girls, a figure which is a rectangle, a triangle or «eight». It is unacceptable to wear jeans with a low waist for the fuller figure, pear-shaped or Apple shape.

The combination of clothing

Jeans with low waist must be combined with a turtleneck or shirt, tucking them into the pants. You can also wear a long jacket or vest. A good idea to look jacket with shoulder pads, this combination of your silhouette, visually elongate. Jeans with a low waistline go well with various shirts, extra long blouses and sweaters, the length of which must not be shorter than the height of pants.

The choice of shoes for jeans with low waist.

Thanks to the low waist, the best option will be the shoes on the platform or mid-height heel. Because of these shoes your height will not be smaller and will not visually appear wider hips. Shoes low-heeled can choose in the case of jeans with low waist only woman or girl with long slender legs.

The necessary accessories to jeans with low waist.

Will look good in those jeans is not very wide strap, you will also need to wear glasses to complement ensemble bag medium size. As decorations you can use a long chain or beads in several rows.

In the process of creating your image plays an important role in the color of your jeans. With black skinny jeans you will look stylish, baggy black jeans will make you inconspicuous, light blue jeans fuller. But white jeans at all wear not worth it, they are not suitable for everyone.

Well, needless to say, larger women and girls-owners of belly in any case you should not wear jeans with low waist.

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