Waist skirt

Belt the skirt is in a large measure the Frank, sometimes they say she’s vulgar. The inventor of this skirt, Mary Quant, took the idea from his girlfriend. When visiting his girlfriend Kvant saw it old, the nails very short, skirt. Girlfriend dressed like that to do General cleaning.

Then was 50 years. But a similar outfit was not strange, as even the most ardent girls walked the streets in clothes like this skirt. Mary Quant really liked this piece of clothing and almost the next week the shelves of its stores have already added to the zone skirts. The designer did the shortening of the length of the belt skirt has not yet received a maximum length of 23 cm.

Quantum actively come up with new versions of the belt skirt. We can say that until the mid 60-ies of all the ladies already had in her wardrobe waist skirt from Mary Quant. Then, quantum has been awarded an honorary order of British Empire for merits in the light industry and British exports. She became a national hero. It happened when Elizabeth II is also shortened her skirt.

In 1962 first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, covering his legs with a leopard coat, descended from the plane, and reporters noted that the feet were open much more than is allowed by the Protocol dozvolennogo. Jacqueline Kennedy had slender legs and slim figure, thanks to this belt the skirt is in perfect harmony with its elegantly-simple outfits.

After becoming a sex symbol of America, Jackie Onassis, she attracted the attention of the public, when in 1966 appeared in public in a fairly short waist skirt. Immediately the Newspapers excitedly began to write that the belt skirts is the future. And, in new York, then went to fashion models Mary Quant, but they were already in an ultra-mini. This is also thanks to Mary Quant. As well as Coco Chanel in France, Mary Quant better suited to showcase their stuff.

In 1965, the designer visited the United States for the presentation of the belt of the skirt. After the visit, the waist skirt is began to gain in popularity not only in USA but throughout the world. In addition to ordinary people waist skirt demand by celebrities: Sophia Loren, Catherine Deneuve, Claudia Cardinale, Jane Fonda, Elizabeth Taylor and other well-known owner of slim and beautiful legs to wear these skirts. Nancy Sinatra, who gained fame after the hit «These boots are made for walking», was dressed in a mini dress made of silk with fringe and knee-high boots. Brigitte Bardot (famous French actress, said that we need to continue to advertise waist skirt, high fashion leave the elderly.

Waist skirt

Now waist skirt after more than 50 years since its appearance continues to be as relevant in the wardrobe. Waist skirt from Mary Quant made the fashion designers to look differently at the beauty of women’s legs. Waist skirt gave their owners of mischievous, freedom of movement and rejuvenating effect. Under the motto shortening of skirts combine fashionable women around the world, regardless of looks and financial capability, religion and lifestyle.

At the moment the belt skirt is made from different materials. It is the silk, leather, suede, linen, corduroy, vinyl, etc. Waistband skirt is a pretty democratic outfit. Wearing this skirt, any woman will feel like a Queen.

I would like to mention that Mary Quant in the 70-ies fully dedicated himself to business in cosmetics and left the production of clothing. The result was that many do not even know who the inventor of the belt of the skirt.

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