Vintage wedding dresses

Every girl while watching «Breakfast at Tiffany’s» is clearly not just sigh not only because of the love affair of the main character, but also because of her attire. It was always something light, romantic and mischievous.

Modern ladies have realized that these dresses accentuate femininity and make them more attractive, therefore, to appear in dresses of the 50s is now considered good practice for secular parties. Things not so long ago, but the past years, has become a must in the shopping list of many girls. And all because the vintage has an amazing ability to turn an ordinary thing into something unique. Even such a detail as a vintage brooch can add zest to your look.

Vintage wedding dresses

Wedding dress is the most important dress for girls. The designers of the world once again convinced us that vintage wedding dresses are still popular and not going out of fashion. The image of the bride consisted of a high neckline and tulle skirt, satin bow and pleated. All dresses are very romantic, airy, fluttering in the wind torn edges of the skirt. The girl in this dress feels like a Princess, which easily hovers above the ground.

The popularity of vintage knee-high said Kerry Bradshaw from the acclaimed «Sex in the city». Ribbon defines the waist, skirt on a crinoline in the form of a ball… the variety of textures and shapes of the vintage is literally no limit.

Vintage wedding dresses

Vintage wedding dresses

Of course, the ideal option would be to buy a real dress from 20-30 years, but the original may not be affordable. Yes and find it difficult. In this case, you can ask for help to her grandmother. Certainly in her chests of belongings lost bright lace or satin gloves, or lace shawl. All this can be used as a great addition to the wedding dress, especially if you do it wisely.

You want to create an image of Jane Austen? Or maybe a femme fatale? All of this is possible if you bring items such as retro hat with feathers, chiffon shawl, a Chinese fan or a flower that you will weave into your hair.

Don’t be afraid of the combination of Antiques and modern all – it would be appropriate. Pockets, a lot of different jewelry, all possible colors can be combined with the classics. Vintage is not devoid of pretentiousness. The bride can come to the groom with unthinkable long veil, as did Princess Diana, and can not do without it. In any case, the bride choosing a dress in the style of «vintage» will stand out from the crowd. This girl has a bright personality, not afraid of experiments and always follow the fashion. She always will listen to stories about secret meetings and meetings under the moon, about all-consuming passion and the bitter breakup.

Vintage is still in Vogue. And this is not surprising because we remember the statement that new is well forgotten old. Especially when you consider that the vintage is the best that has been created by the designers of the twentieth century.

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