Vintage style of clothing

In this article we will tell you about vintage style clothing. The very notion of vintage is derived from the word from the French language vintage, which has a value of a quality crop. Initially, the term applied only to the definition of high quality wines. And in modern times the word » vintage is more relevant to the specific field of fashion and household values. With his help, we do not forget about the fashion trends of the past.

Vintage style

Simply put, the vintage style is created using pieces of clothing and life lived earlier generations. Most vintage items are those whose age does not exceed fifty years and at least twenty years. It can be telephones, furniture, irons and many other items.

Vintage style of clothing

But you should know that vintage are items that were popular in that era, and not just any old thing. In this article we will not stop at household items, and consider vintage garments. To choose a particular vintage item it is necessary to know the history of fashion of that era and to feel style. Your appearance should show that you treat it to that age.

In the twentieth century there were several generations that can be considered vintage.


In those years women fought hard to obtain equal rights alongside men. They are fully inherited in all men, hair cut short, began to gamble, learned to drive a car, and some even began to smoke in public places. So now the impetus for the development of unisex style. Women began to wear pants and shirts, some wore the hat on his head and tying a tie.

Of course dresses really has not been canceled, but then it became fashionable to do a huge cutout in the back not to sew the sleeves, to make uneven hem. Incidentally, in modern times again came into fashion a style of «heroin chic», which is characterized in that dress emphasizes a very thin figure and clumsiness.

At that time, in addition to men’s clothing, women began to use makeup bright enough. Lips are mostly painted lipstick red or cherry color, and her eyes painted black or, in extreme cases, grey shadows. Therefore, to create an image of the twenties of the last century should have stockings of silk, shift dress with cutout back and high heel shoes. But if shoes will have a buckle, it will be a complete coincidence.


At this time, the designers have created a jacket that had square shoulders. Now this model is again coming into fashion. And the greatest discovery of the time was the opening of the pink color in garments. In those days, this discovery shocked everyone. But the pink color is very well accustomed and began to produce not only lipstick in this color, but dry goods, clothing, and even shoes. In the fashion of the time went crafted the short dresses, the long sleeves became 3/4. A variety of print clothing, right down to newspaper articles or pictures from the x-ray room.


Many women copied the style of his favorite Actresses. But at the same time, the fashion was a dramatic change. The length of skirts have become much more, it has become fashionable to wear poofy dresses or skirts. The sleeves on the clothes are to be in the form of a flashlight, the colors of clothes have become a fine pattern. Hats became much smaller, and then completely faded into the background, as was preferred shawls in the form of headgear. It was at that time was invented stiletto heels. And style of clothing has changed a lot. Top of clothing became more strict, and the bottom has undergone a change in the direction of increasing volume.

The fifties

During these years, all the clothing was struck by grace. Beautiful figure began to accentuate, and make-up has not lost its brightness. But at the same time in place of dark shadows come to the green, and the lipstick color was orange. The arrows on the eyes painted in blue and tinted lashes in purple mascara. Those years were characterized by the fact that the eye is dyed the color of the clothing or handbag, and nobody cared whether this color to the woman’s face.

Vintage style of clothing

The hallmarks of this time were stockings with seam, long dress with a voluminous skirt and shoes on high heels. Very it became fashionable combination of gray and pink. Cage also became fashionable in the fifties. Popularity of the jewelry made of plastic in bright colors.

The sixties

In these years we have created a very short mini skirt. Short were dresses and coats and other outerwear. To not freeze fully, women wore short things with tights, bound delicate in warm threads. But the heels had faded into the background, and basically all the shoes were without heels. So if you want to match the style of this time should be to acquire boots, stockings that have a high shaft. Platform and suede are also the main representatives of the time. The makeup also stayed bright, and to increase the volume of eyelashes began to use false eyelashes.

The seventies

These years were the most diverse in number of styles in clothing. So basically fans of vintage follow the fashion of the seventies. Some impact was during the hippie styles from America. To become fashionable denim and leather goods, a very long skirt with a pattern of large flowers. Well, the main fashion trend were of course jeans.

In the seventies mostly paid attention not to the beauty of the dress and ease of use. Therefore, the clothing style was similar to the more sporty look. Another breakthrough in fashion was the disco style. Tight leggings, sheer blouses, tight-fitting jeans come to us from those times. Therefore, in order to meet the style must have in the wardrobe of flared pants, short skirts, high-waisted shorts and things like that. And colouring they must have large flowers.

The eighties

Those years were distinguished by sexuality. Were in fashion mini dress in a fitted style. The shoulders on jackets and outerwear increased by using shoulder pads. It became fashionable to wear massive chains of gold on the neck and arms. All shoes should be only on very high heels. Bright makeup and hairstyle must necessarily be high.

If, however, it was decided to use vintage clothing, you should carefully pick the appropriate size. Because things are very old, and therefore quite fragile. So if it is wrong to choose the size, then you can ruin the thing completely. Also, be aware that in different years were distinguished by the fact that in each of the eras had their measurements and sizes. This files most often made clothes on order only.

Now there are two types of vintage things. Real vintage — real old stuff of well-known manufacturers. Stylized vintage is a modern thing created for a certain era of life. Combined vintage — use along with modern materials and ancient materials. If you choose to use in clothing the vintage style, it will be different from other people’s uniqueness.

Clothes in vintage style can be found in chests grandmothers and moms. And in recent times has opened a lot of shops selling such clothing with affordable prices. Well, if you know how to sew to create clothing in vintage style will not make the slightest labor.

Go for it, and you will succeed.

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