Vest made of wool

Many of us dream to please their friends and relatives a gift that would say about your tenderness and care. Alternatively, you can choose a vest made of natural sheep wool. It’s warm, comfortable, protect from cold in any weather. And surely its owner will mentally thank you for such a wonderful gift.

Wool sheep has long been used in the manufacture of clothing. Because it has not only the excellent qualities of the material, but also has healing properties and a certain energy. Things made of wool is good to wear with radiculitis, rheumatism, neuritis, colds.

In the production of wool in the fiber is not necessary to include synthetic or other additives. Because fiber is durable, easy. So it turns out 100% natural fiber, prized for its qualities.

For example the vests of wool of a camel have to make the body breathe and at the same time, creating a warming effect. In the structure of wool contains such elements as lanolin is a waxy substance with healing properties. Therefore, when wearing such vest fatigue as a hand lift and you will feel great.

Very rich and varied colors. So choose a fur vest on your taste and color.

Simple such products and care. The properties of wool applies stain-resistant ability, due to which these vests are not polluted. If properly care for the thing, it will last a very long time.

Fur sleeveless jackets is one of trendy and at the same time, very practical accessories. This tank top can be worn as men, going fishing or in the woods hunting and women who like warmth and comfort. If you like to go for long walks on foot, ski or skate, this tank top is a real find for you.

The advantage of such things is that they are warm in winter, creating to your body warmth and comfort. Wool has properties of water absorption and is an excellent material for the manufacture of clothing for spring and for fall.

In the manufacture of vests and tank tops using wool of the best quality. Then the thing will turn out beautiful, light, delicate, high quality and will last you a good service. A vest or sleeveless jacket is a perfect gift.

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