Vest for full

Well-chosen model of the vest for a full are able to visually make a figure slimmer, hiding a few extra pounds. This vest should not be too long or too short. Best vest length for full — to mid-thigh. It needs to be plain, not bright and uncluttered.

Every woman wants to look elegant and romantic. This is very important to find your individual style. Few women can boast the figure of a model, but with his personal charm, each may be unique. This can help to fully vest as this garment can adjust the figure.

Designers are sensitive to the problem of overweight women. Therefore, to find suitable models in stores and catalogs is not difficult.

All of you probably know that to reduce the volume and make your body slimmer under the power of the dark colors of clothing. And if the dress is with the deep and severe V-neck and three quarter sleeve, which is combined with shoes with a heel and pointed toe, it can be assured in its originality. Stockings are such a set must necessarily be thin, color is a personal matter. But for your outfit needed the vest.

It is not necessary to dwell on their own, sometimes imaginary fullness. If desired any woman without much effort can look quite elegant and stylish, you only need to really want it. Creating models of clothes for full, designers use many different nuances, and any woman choosing for her, to feel worthy and confident. One such very good nuances there vest.

Look good on these women blouses and jackets rich, dark colours, plain or with large pattern, preferably with a V-neck. Fabric treatment can be in the style of folk motifs. Should choose a large, flashy accessories with use of folklore motives.

Full figure looks very elegant skirt and newsboy cap, the length of which reaches mid-calf. She is able to emphasize the contours of a particular profile. Especially the skirt, such an option will look if it will be tapered at the top, thereby tightly fitting shape, and the bottom will have a wide-leg silhouette, reminiscent of the ruffles. This will give your figure symmetry. Visually legs will seem much longer, which is very important. The perfect addition to a skirt is a jacket, hides a rounded hip.

Proportion curvy figure perfectly able to hide easy tunic, made from fabrics that drape well. Sewn from a dressier fabric and with appropriate embellishments, this tunic can be the perfect addition to the outfit for special occasions.

It is also very advantageous to look skinny pants in combination with well-chosen tunic.

From the tricks used in clothing for full, there are: to combine a lightweight fabric and beveling the lower edge. For example, amazing will look good kit of cut-off vest made of denim or a jacket, which will cover wide hips, combined with a light floaty skirt with flounce hem length just below the knees.

Lead an active lifestyle, women need to choose sets in which elegance and sportiness complement each other. Any suitable model of jeans will be quite elegantly blend in with the shirt. But it is not superfluous will vest. It will perfectly complement your image.

For large women very fit knitted pullover with V-neck that goes up to the chest. This sweater is optional, to decorate with beads or lace of silk ribbon or a conventional lace crochet. It will be really elegant exclusive.

Every lady should have their own style and according to it try to pick up personal closet, in which there should be no unnecessary, superfluous things.

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